Sunday, November 2, 2008

Trick or Treat and pretending to be someone you aren't

It's been a busy week. Today it was 70 degrees out, yeah, Nov 2nd in Minnesota, and I finally got a chance to dig out my annuals, plant some more bulbs, and take a walk outside in short sleeves!

For Halloween we opted not to take our kids to the Millersburg Halloween Party-not because we didn't want to, but instead took them to "our block" of neighborhood houses. It was fueled by the fact that they DID NOT like being subjected to being in costume nor BEING SOMEONE OR SOMETHING THEY WERE NOT. The wisdom of children.

It's too bad that the democratic presidential candidate doesn't feel the same way. I am embarrassed to have called myself a democrat. It seems like we have a really good actor wooing the hearts and minds of many Americans, who do not have the desire to find out what he actually stands for or discover what he really wants to do.

On the economy, he repeatedly states this is the worst crisis since the Great Depression. How many of you are old enough to remember the early 1980's when there were 21.5% interest rates, unemployment was in the double digits compared to the 6.9% today or the last time I checked, or the 12.4% inflation rate. Do you remember that energy crisis, and the fact that we were told we could only get gas on certain days at the pump? The stock market was rock bottom and no one was making much money. Farmers were going bankrupt left and right, I knew farmers who were selling furniture to eat. People could not afford to buy houses, and they couldn't get jobs. Sound familiar, or should I say worse? What created it? The tax and spend policy of democrat Jimmy Carter. Who fixed it? Ronald Reagan, the democrat turned republican who stated, it wasn't I who left the democratic party, it was the democratic party who left me. So what did he do to solve it? He slashed taxes, lowered the capital gains tax, and deregulated. It resulted in the longest and most prosperous and peaceful time in American history. Now this democratic candidate states he is going to raise capital gains taxes, increase regulations, and give tax cuts to 95% of Americans(bribes to the 40% who don't pay taxes, including people on welfare), and fix the economy. Too good to be true, but well delivered by a charismatic actor. As a matter of fact, he keeps lowering the income of those he said he was going to tax after he started doing the math; he found the top 1% of individuals he was after will not pay for even 1% of his proposed budget. He has lowered the threshold from 250,000, to 200,000, and now 153,000 for a married couple, lower for a single person. Everyday it keeps going lower, last I heard was 120,000. He will removing the Bush tax cuts that will raise everybody's taxes to support his 4.3 trillion dollars in new spending. Does 1 + 1 equal 5 and make a surplus in the budget? Not if you do the new math. President Clinton found that by slashing the capital gains tax, government revenue went up, and did so when the economy started slowing at the end of his term, not a lesson well taken by this new democratic candidate. The wall street journal had a nice little graph of his "tax cuts." E.g., no tax relief for those that bother to work. The ants will be punished for the sake of the grasshoppers. Will history repeat itself yet once again?

He wants to spread the wealth out of marxism fairness. Sounds like a teenager's reasoning to me, since when was life fair? It has been proven psychologically that only promotes not working harder to make more money as it's only going to be taken from you and given to someone who is not working hard if at all. Hardly encouraging entrepreneurs and the workers that made this nation great to continue doing so or a way to create jobs. It has been tried in societies over the ages and it has always failed. He says he is going to build this nation from the bottom up. Since when do the bottom students in a classroom build companies to create jobs or help to contribute to the good of society. Rare and far between and not what Americans need to rely on in this time of crisis. We are now being told we are selfish for not agreeing with this plan...strange coming from the mouths of those who make 2.5 million and only give 3500 in charitable giving according to their tax return, or else the tax year before running for president suddenly give 5% to a church that he claims he no longer attends... for someone who wishes to heal the world, he cannot find help for his own family.

And what about the company he keeps, for the last 20 years? Since when do you trust a teenager who has been hanging out with the drug dealers and doers to change overnight? A terrorist, 2 liberation theologists(which means socialism, the next step to communism) who preach hate against Americans, a PLO spokesman for Arafat, and has fans like the dictators of Venuzuela and Nicaragua, along with the endorsement of the communist party many everyday Americans have friends and associates that you keep in touch with that have those associations? And how long do you sit in a church that you don't agree with what is being said? Not usually 20 years.

What about his energy policies? He likes to say, especially in front of national television, yes, I agree with the things that make things work in this country, BUT...always a qualifier, and that in truth means, no, I don't believe in that nor will I support it. We are going to be oil dependent on his proposed energy policy. Wind and solar, all great ideas, however, the scientific truth is that the technology isn't there, and the budget truth is that the energy from those sources are all government subsidized meaning it costs the tax payers money, and makes it seem cheaper when in reality it is much more expensive. It would be great if they knew how to store the energy produced from wind and solar, but they do not have that technology and are many years away from it. Ethanol costs more energy to ship and thus becomes more expensive than oil, masked again by, government subsidies. It is contributing to the famine in other countries, gotta grow corn, not food. We need a bridge to get us to that technology, and yes that means drilling our resources and nuclear power. My father-n-law is a nuclear engineer, the technology is now being used in France, a country of 80 million people and using 80% nuclear power for their energy, the technology of reprocessing nuclear waste for more energy, something opposed by the democratic candidate.

Of course there is the blame that the current administration caused all this economic uproar as well as the mortgage crisis. Can we say, the theoretical ideal that all Americans should own their own home led us down this path? And that the favorite democratic candidate received 180,000 from his associations with Christopher Dodd, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, he made the 3rd highest profit from what is costing both you and I precious tax dollars. I didn't realize they were giving out loans to those without jobs, without income, and without a way to pay. Led by the democratic Barney Frank who put pressure on the banks to make these loans or be driven out of business. Thanks to the government, and the current democratic leaders who are in charge of the lending practices. Does this want you to trust them with your healthcare? I certainly don't want the government to be in charge of my health.

What also causes me concern is the media attack on Joe the plumber. A regular kind of guy, who spoke what he thought, and got his life investigated and brought to the nation's attention. Boy, if his life can get disrupted for having freedom of speech during a campaign, I wonder what someone in power would do to those that disagreed with him. The media bias is also somewhat alarming, historically it can be seen in events leading to the holocaust, and influenced many Europeans to turn their back on what was being done, haunting, isn't it?

The big killer is this man's amazing ability to come off as a moderate and his gift of the lying tongue. "Of course I wouldn't withhold health care to babies born..." "There was already a law in place to prevent this...." Very convincing, however, a lie that is covered by rhetoric, 3 times he voted against a bill to provide care to those babies, his excuse being it didn't protect the woman's right. Had nothing to do with a women's right, Hilary Clinton, and John Kerry both voted to provide care to the live babies, you sir, did not... and now he wants us to pay for the procedures.

On trick or treating a parent was explaining the democratic candidates approach to all the hard work of Halloween night...
This man is going to make your daddy make you give half of your candy to the kids that didn't go trick or treating...that's not FAIR, Daddy!!!! But you are being selfish and that is fair, says the man behind the mask.

Something bugs me about this person pretending to be who he is not, and it makes me worry about my beloved children's future when many people are fooled by him. Thank God they like being who they are and not pretending to be someone else!!! I would sooner entrust the leadership of our nation to them than the "I have only been in Congress for 183 days and am fit to lead" and "I am for the people" masquerader. CHANGE? I say to this man who is not who he claims to be, keep the change.