Saturday, November 28, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving 2009!!

Yup, it's been awhile. I've discovered blogging just isn't my thing anymore, I'm finding that I like spending more time with my kids more than anything, as well as activities that revolve around my kids, and this is one of those things that takes my energy away from them. I ocassionally hop on and catch up on others, but right now my focus is taking care of my family, and I absolutely LOVE IT and am totally into it!!! Don't worry, I may still continue to write here at times...or maybe NOT!

Anyway, we had a super Thanksgiving at my sister's house. So nice not to have to clean up mine and have a big to do here, not that I don't love that either, it's just it was nice not to do that this year. We got some fantastic news that my sister is expecting no 5 in July, we are so excited!! My babies love babies!! We also had the traditional Thanksgiving feast and our tummies were quite happy:)

I know that it's been a hard Thanksgiving for many. I hope that those that sit and complain about things when they have absolutely nothing to complain about feel ashamed-had to say it. Many do not have jobs, and many have no family. There are many orphans out there waiting for a home, let alone enough food, warmth, and someone to give them affection. There are families waiting to bring home orphans and are at a loss of what to do. I hope that everyone realizes that each of us has a blessing, no matter how small. It absolutely irks me that people complain about the smallest things when they have it all, a house to live in, someone who loves them, enough food on the table that they have to watch their weight! Enough said.

News on the kid front. Michael is having surgery in January for his club foot. Although his foot is pretty straight now, his tendon is tight and is not allowing his foot to walk properly, or flat and not on the side of his foot. If we want him to perform athletically, we have to lengthen his tendon. Our choices were to cast him again and most likely still have to have the tendon lengthening surgery, or do the surgery. Since Michael is quite the active can't sit still boy, we opted for surgery. Not only that, I don't think he would have tolerated the casting this time around...should have seen him at the x-ray! Barely could keep the lead apron on around his privates!
Phoebe is talking a mile a minute, those two like to argue and it is never a quiet ride in the car anymore. I've been busy training, training, training. Anyway, here's what you've been waiting for, the most recent photo ops of M & P! Hope you like them!
Phoebe in time out mode!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Pool Pictures

Okay, here are the kids "swimming!" You'll have to watch the sequence, my kids aren't performers of which I am very glad!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Potty training and other milestones

Okay, we haven't been really serious about it but since they've started watching the Elmo Potty Time video they are sitting on their potty all the time. Phoebe went pee the first time she sat but she isn't really there yet. Michael is still a little afraid but likes to sit on there buck naked and then pull on his pants after a few minutes without doing anything. I suppose when I get serious about it I'll pull out the potty doll one day and then try giving them food and wather the next day and see what happens. There are so many theories out there but it'll happen when it does. I can hardly wait to be free of the diapers and the time it takes as well as the cost!! I found out that my little boy definitely needs a potty with a guard, he sits down on those without the guard and I see his little pee stick straight up. He definitely knows about his bodily functions and he's told me when he is going, I saw him one day go no 2 in his diaper, sorry for the graphic, but he said Momma, ucky poop!
Both Michael and Phoebe are getting to a really fun age. They are starting to talk to me, Phoebe mostly one word communication, and Michael 2-3 words in a row. I love it that we understand their almost unintelligible words!! They are also getting to the point where I don't have to put them in the stroller but can have them hang on to my hands when we go somewhere. That's a huge time and hassle saver!!It is so bittersweet but it is getting much easier in some ways and much busier than others. I still can't leave them alone as they would get into a ton of trouble or else somehow harm themselves!!
They have also learned how to sing. Their favorite videos are Kids Favorite Songs 2, another Elmo video(he isn't the parents favorite but he sure captures the kids attention and does teach them some things. They actually sing along with them(I love this part-in intelligible vocals) and do the actions they see on the video. It is quite adorable. They also like Toddler Action Songs by Cedarmont kids. I'm relearning all the words to those nonsensical songs but love it! I didn't realize how charming this age is as they are sponges and can actually do things, although they can be quite annoying with their independent streaks and stubborn wills. They have wonderfully different personalities! Michael is very, very sweet and sensitive and Phoebe is one strong little lady who knows what she wants.
A big milestone is their learning how to swim around in the pool in their lifevests!! It is sooo cute and amazing as I am such a poor swimmer and never really learned to swim well. I hope to get a video of them doing it. They love being dunked, playing ring around the rosie in the water, and putting their faces in the water and back floating. I just love watching them learn something new and independent and the look of absolute jubilation on their faces. These are such precious days in our life as a family!! We are so, so blessed!!!
Phoebe had her year follow up at the IAC and at 21 months she is 23 lbs, 31 1/2 inches which puts her in the tenth percentile. The doc said her verbal is absolutely amazing as well as her fine motor and gross motor skills...nothing like the responsibility of being given an incredibly talented and strongwilled child, it is an honor but also a little frightening at the same time. Phoebe's favorite word is NO!!! UGH!!!
I hope to someday post some catch up photos but there are just so many things to do and enjoy in these fast paced changing days. Their schedule consists of the zoo, the pool, the children's museum, reading at the library, and toddler rhyme time at the library!! They would spend most of their days outside biking if they could...all I can say is the summer is absolutely flying by!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fun on the 4th!

Here's the belated post, see below as to why this is late, 2 posts in one night!!!
Anyway, we had a low key day as John only had the 4th off sandwiched between workdays and my sister was off in Wisconsin Dells. The kids got up and swam for 2 hours and then took a 2 hour nap. I stayed home and caught up on the infinite laundry pile and took care of the outside plants. We told our landscaper we wanted low maintenance, ha, it's still more maintenance then I wanted. It'll be better in a few years when I don't have to constantly keep my eyes on the kids. They still do not know what will and will not hurt them, they are getting there but are still learning, just like Mom:) Michael got into his first bike accident, our driveway slopes down into the garage and he crashed into the wall, fortunately, he only suffered minor abrasions to his nose and chin, keeping all of his teeth!!
We took the kids to church, then we ate take home cheesecake factory, mmmmm, mmmm, good!! I bought enough sparklers to last until almost their teenage years, and we gave it a shot. My pyrotechnic husband(chemical engineer turned doc) said these are the things that he got injured from the most as a kid, so he was extra careful:) Of course Michael thought that they were big candles. Both he and Phoebe got a big kick out of singing Happy Birthday to America and blowing out the candles!!
The kids went to bed so we actually watched the fireworks from our house. Our little township or maybe a neighbor put on a very nice show-it wasn't choregraphed or timed perfectly but we were in out of the bugs and the humidity:)
Later that night(oh dark thirty as John calls it) we were awakened by the sound of sirens very close to our house. If you know our neighborhood, there's not that many neighbors around so we were rather curious as to what was going on. We couldn't see anything as it was quite humid and the windows to our house had condensation on them. After a few minutes we heard the helicopter. We are quite used to that sound as John was in the military and we are on the path for medevacs to bring traumas to the level one trauma center. This one took us by surprise however as the copter landed on the road right before entering our culdesac. Now most people would probably walk out and go see what is happening...not us...John said he would find out the next day at work what happened, he was exhausted from working the days before and had to get up again early in the morning and even though I was dying to find out I wasn't about to leave my comfy bed for blood and guts and possibly bad news about my neighbor. By the time the copter came it would have had enough trained people to help out whoever needed the help so it wasn't like we were shirking our duties. Turns out it was a unlighted golf cart vs 2 motor vehicles going the opposite direction. 4 sixteen year olds were operating it heading down or up from the lake. No one perished fortunately, but what were they doing on the road where cars are driving around 50 mph with no lights? Their parents were very, very lucky, we were glad all turned out well. Our kids had no clue what was going on, thankfully, I pray they never have to ride in an ambulance or a medevac!

Trying to get Phoebe to pose for a picture, the best I could get:)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Views of Vail

It took me awhile to finish this post. I updated my internet explorer and now on this computer everytime I try to load pics, it won't do it. So I had to find my little key drive to move it to another computer,alss the we made it home safely after the two, 2 day car rides. I'll have to say the kids did way better than we expected after about 100 rounds of "I'm bringing home a baby bumble bee...", Elmo's Grouchland on DVD, munching on Honeysmacks, and playing with their sound doodle pads along with good 3 hour naps. It was simply a joy to leave the house full of things to do, and enjoy my husband and kids for awhile with no other stresses. We swam twice a day in the 85 degree salt water pool, went on long walks, went to Donovan park-a great playground for the kids, took a Gondola to the top of Vail and hiked around, met our old friends from Alaska who now live in Colorado, went to Vail village and Lionshead. I could do that again soon, it was a really relaxing vacation for all of us. John and I even went on a dinner date as the resort had good childcare-retired folk who lived up there and did it part-time at the resort. It was a joy for them to spend time with our active young ones and they loved it, praising them on their inquisitiveness and bundles of energy. Now it's back to the daily grind but on a refreshed note!! Here are some pics to enjoy of our time there!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

On the road again!!!

Just dropping in with a vacation update. On the way to Colorado for a medical conference(we drove this time) we had the privilege of staying with the Marquis' family. It helped break up the long drive and the kids survived as well as us and we didn't even need happy juice!! Here are pics of the kiddos, I'm sure Hilary has better ones, she got right down there with them, so I learned some new photo techniques!!! I didn't put any comments by the photos as I've found some better things to do while on vacation:)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

80 years young!!!

My Dad and step Mom were here last week celebrating Dad's 80th!! What a great week of hanging out and having my kiddos love on their grandpa! Michael especially had fun with him. It was a wonderful week had by all!

Monday, June 1, 2009

A Surprise Trip

It's amazing how tomorrow you think you will be doing something and then God drops a bombshell and you are doing something you never dreamed you'd be doing. Last week that happened to us, after a surprise invitation, we were on our way to Washington, DC in less than 24 hours. Not that it hadn't already been planned by the great orchestrater, because it was amazing that we actually were able to pull it off with all the details that needed to fall into place. We were honored to meet with the Kyrgyzstan officials and nine other adoptive families and blessed to be able to share with them how well our children are doing. What a story to tell them when they grow older. It was a fun, unexpected trip that we will always have fond memories of. Hope you catch a glimpse of the fun and excitement we had!! PS Joanne, this is just a small part of where I've been, will try to catch up post later as I have summer help:)
My sweet, sweet family!!!
Waiting for the metro with my new nanny
Kyrgyz Embassy
A proud Kyrgyz AP
Phoebe at the Jefferson memorial climbing up to....
...touch a pillar!
That's really funny, Mommy!
Phoebe greeting others at the Lincoln Memorial!
It's hot out here!!!
Michael gathering geese
Michael "in front of the White House"
Kyrgyz officials with Kyrgyzstan Adoptive families