Thursday, January 31, 2008

Court Decision

So yesterday we found out what the judge said, We are ecstatic to report that we were looked on favorably and we are now proud parents of 2 children!!! If I can figure it out I'll try to post a video of what Michael said...don't count on it though, I'm not good with video.
Now we are in the infamous 30 day waiting period before all things are final. We are so relieved to be one step closer and I'm ticking down the days until it's final. We hope to be travelling mid-March and celebrate Easter in the EAST!


Monday, January 14, 2008


We need PR!!!!

What or who is PR? She is our new little girl we are waiting to bring home from Kyrgyzstan. They just submitted the court documents today, so we are waiting to hear on a court date. She is just 3 months old☺ We hope we can bring her home at around 5 months old. We can of course hardly wait.

How did we get her so soon? Well, we had originally wanted 2 at one time but someone decided that we weren’t quite ready. It wasn’t John nor I. But, we are really glad it happened this way as I didn’t know what parenthood really entailed. John says it is even easier to go to work than to parent Michael. So, when we were finally ready, we let our agency know and about a week later we were referred her. It was a welcome surprise to us!! She is a beautiful, brown eyed little baby who will make a perfect sister to our Michael!!!

I’m running a contest on who can come up with a creative nickname for PR! Let us know, and we’ll give the winner a prize. She is also somewhere on our blog. Kudos to those who can find her! She is not the baby picture in this post. That is just a cute web picture:)

For now, my little guy calls my name, MOM!!!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Like Father, like son!

I just had to take a picture of these two. They both have a hankering for the newspaper, one reads it and the other you can only guess:)

These next pictures are of my happy boy while staying at the Holiday Inn. He really enjoyed the mirror and gave kisses to himself:) He cracks me up so much of the time!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

We got the papers & Court Proceedings

On the witness stand...
Mom's turn
outside the courtroom
Yes, your Honor!
Outside the Courthouse
Happy New Year!! In today's mail Michael's official documents saying he is ours came. What a relief! We didn't think it was a big deal but it was more a deal than we thought it would be. John had to actually go on the witness stand. There he was asked his name, his address, his occupation, his birthdate, if he knew my birthdate, who was the adoption agency that got Michael for us(a bit confusing as our homestudy agency was Lutheran Social Services and our adoption agency CWA). He was also asked if there were any reason as to why we shouldn't adopt Michael. Then he was asked if he were willing to accept Michael as a natural son meaning he would be an heir, entitled to anything he had if he or we passed away. YES! my dear hubby said:) I got asked the last 2 questions but wasn't grilled on my identity. We didn't have a lawyer representing us either. Our agency filled out the required paperwork and the Judge approved us. He said we made his day and he was happy to pose for pictures. I think he had done marriage dissolutions all day as well as paternity cases, so we were the best thing to end his day!!
I don't know how all states do this, but I'm glad we're done. Now to start the process all over again, I can't wait!!