Sunday, June 29, 2008

attempts at catching shots of walking & standing

So besides having my friend Roxi who is a dental hygenist inform us that Phoebe now has 2 bottom teeth, we had an exciting week. Phoebe decided to crawl up to my leg and stand up. She hasn't figured out quite what to do once there, but I'm sure she is watching her brother. Michael decided to take the plunge and started walking, but he hasn't quite abandoned the crawling yet. He's always been cautious...
So here are my poor attempts at catching them in the act, stay tuned for better ones...
I'm so big!!
I'm walking!!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Summer Daze, Smiley Babes, and first haircut!

We are full into summer and enjoying it! Heather was out helping me finish a table for Phoebe and Michael, and the weather is perfect! Mid 70's low humidity, Yeah!!!
I had to share some of our mommy-son and daddy-daughter pictures, and also my smiling babies after a nap:) Now if they could only be that way all the time! The last thing to share is the big haircut! For his 16th month birthday, we took Michael to Kid's Hair. He did fantastic, both Heather and I were amazed at how welll he did-it was like he enjoyed it. I was also glad to have her along while getting it cut, otherwise I would have pulled out my hair, no need to get it cut.
This is short, summer is too short to be inside. Hope you like the photos!
the red white and blue?
I still fit 0-3 months!
You're it!
I'm awake!
So am I!
pre haircut
i'm not sure about this

Stylin' dude
Your turn next time!

Monday, June 16, 2008

A visit to the hospital

So Michael had the controversial procedure done today. Rather than defend my position, which I would normally but don't want to start a debate, you can check out one of the more recent articles by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Not trying to change anyones mind but it is not cruel to do this to your child. It also had some interesting statements in it and links to the supporting literature. Also, being a doc and nurse you see what the consequences are of not doing it and it is not very pretty.
Plus, I wanted to share what a brave little guy our son was. Poor little guy, he couldn't have his normal enormous breakfast, so we fed him his favorite spaghetti last night, got him up at midnite to give him yogurt and milk, after keeping him up as late as possible, and then woke at 5 to give him some apple juice. It was a good thing we did, the procedure before us took longer than they thought and Michael was giving me all the sign language that he was very, very hungry. By the time it was his turn, he had fallen asleep for his morning nap. The anesthesiologist thought they had it made, but not so. I think they were being cautious and didn't give him the normal amount of nitrous oxide as he was already sleeping, and he woke up for their IV sticks. My poor son was a pin cushion. I think I counted 20 on his hands and feet...His adequate nutrition and his stress provided very little access for those poor docs and nurses, I have been on the other side and I know how horrible it feels. But he was a trooper! He made it through the procedure with no problems and was placed in my arms in about 1 1/2 hours after we left him in the induction room. The 1/2 was the time it took to get an IV in him..He needed his bottle right away and he just gulped that down in no time at all. He wasn't awake when we were discharged so we strolled to my favorite Italian restaurant in St Paul! He must have been just about ready to get up and smelled the fabulous food, his reward was a few of his favorite noodles! We thought he would be down for the rest of the day, no soon as we got home he was groggy, but he saw the dogs and was instantly awake and back to his old self. He has been cruising all day on his little walker. He's just about ready to walk, stands for 15 seconds by himself, has actually taken a few steps to us, but hasn't tried it yet by himself. He can take his time, I'm excited for him to walk but know that means a lot more work!! Then Phoebe will be right behind him as she is monkey see monkey do!
I put pics up of my new do in with Mikey...however, let me say it is definitely more work than my long hair and it's not even how it should look! Also, I told my stylist when she asked how much time I would spend I said zero(she laughed at me and said better go for long layers so it won't look like a bad cut), so it definitely doesn't look anything like it did the first day. My hubby actually really likes it and I think it would be perfect, if I spent more time on it....oh well, it's definitely less weight to wear it around!
Waiting room at the Day Surgery Center St Paul Childrens
Sporting my hospital pj's
Fell asleep waiting for my turn
Induction room getting laughing gas
Waking up in Mommy's arms
On a lighter note, Phoebe went to her first birthday party at our neighbors house. They got to go down the big water slide and Michael tried out the jumping castle. Boy, do we love summer!
I think I like my bathtub better
I really like my bathtub better
The jumping castle
Daddy helps me out!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Losing a foot and a brace

We now kind of play together...
8 months old and a jelly belly:
Yeah, we're done! Except for orthopedic appointments about every 6 months until adulthood or maybe less as Michael get's older. We finally do not have to put on that brace anymore. Michael stopped sleeping about the time Phoebe got home with that brace on...He would kick it off, or fuss until we took the bar off. Then he would cry until we took the shoes on his orthopedic appointment on Tuesday, June 10th, we told the ortho that he was not tolerationg it anymore. I thought he would try to convince us that we needed to keep it on, instead, he looked at his foot and said. Okay. No big deal...I was ready to put up a fight to keep it off...guess he's used to it. He checked his foot out, no need for an afo or ankle foot orthotic either, unless it starts to regress...which is why the follow up checks every six months until???? So we lose the brace!!!!! NO PROBLEM!!! Agree with me Terry? It was a big PITB!!! WOOOOHOOOOOO!!! So I thought I'd give you a parting shot of the casts and brace we've had to deal with since August 07 to fix Michael's clubfoot. We are so thankful that surgery was not needed. Thanks for all your prayers my dear friends!
5 little cast were hiding in a bag...
Along came a brace that made Mom make a face!

As far as the losing a foot...I lost about 12 inches of hair on Friday the 13th! Do I feel good!! Like a great weight has been lifted off!! After many years of long, long hair I finally went to tell my hairstylist to lop it off, she just about hit the floor! She kept asking me if I were sure! Yup, my kids finally did me in. I could deal with Michael getting at it, but the 2 together got to me. Plus, I was tired of having my hair brush my arms, and looking like it had no lift. So with one big snip, it came off. I now have a mom cut, and I'm okay with it:) Now I get to work on the rest of me and getting back into shape. Losing a foot is a good start, I wondered how much that weighted?
1 foot missing...

Monday, June 9, 2008

Lazy Days

So, I finally have time to take breaks! My nanny, Heather, comes and does a wonderful job taking care of my babies, or helping me clean, letting me take a nap or allows me to do some grocery shopping by myself or even take a break. I now also can plan on doing some of those house projects. My laundry pile is now at zero and my floor is sometimes clean enough to eat off of:) Well, maybe not. Poor Phoebe had a taste of doggie poo because our little puppy had an accident. John had to take care of it, as well as a major blowout. It happened on his watch. I just laughed...
Heather is an early childhood major at Northwestern college in St Paul and my babies just love her! She is great, a Godsend. We get along great, and I'm so blessed to have her. She makes our babies laugh which makes both John and I very happy and comfortable. We can both catch up on some sleep this week as John is home on a home vacation! I'm so glad. We might go to a drive-in date with the kids this week too!
We are being lazy and that includes posting...but I just had to share some of my cute kids enjoying themselves...

Modeling the dress from Aunt Jackie
I like it!
Heather and Michael trying out the new slide
Hmmm, not sure this works right...

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


This speaks for itself!
Okay, it's been a busy week! Phoebe is now finally cured of her rash. It was fungal, and had the markings to prove it as it was healing. No more washing sheets everyday! She is starting to eat more solids, that is if you let her eat it off the floor. For instance, yesterday we gave her some pieces of avocado, she spit it out after having it in her mouth for a bit. Later, she finds some of it on the floor and guess what, she eats it, and thinks it's just fine. Guess we'll have to start feeding her solids off the floor. She finally ate her rice cereal, that is if you give it to her before her bottle, so she is so hungry she doesn't care...she's growing but it is still that petite little girl:)
My friend Andria threw us a shower last Saturday! It was so fun! She had fabulous food and cake and company. It was so nice to celebrate Phoebe's arrival into our lives, she is such a spitfire and showed some of that off to the guests!
The kitty found a new home. He or she went to an adoptive family with 14 children, and will definitely get much more attention than we had time to give. Also, it is nice not to have John sneezing all the time or me itching after feeding her. The babies do not seem to miss it, it was like a toy to them, poor kitty. She looked so much better by the time she went to them. Gorgeous little blue eyes! We are glad for her and the chance she was given to live!
I included photos of Miss Phoebe's 7th month photo shoot. This time we made sure she was fed a bottle at the "right" temperature before hand so she wasn't screaming for them. This time she was crawling all over the place so the photographer had to be quick!
Last but not least, my birthday surprise from my husband was super fantastic! Not only did I get 2 bouquets of roses, one delivered to our home the other given to me by him, I got a delicious dinner at Felicitaions without our babies, and a part time nanny for the summer! I'm so spoiled, and our nanny is great. I'll tell you more about her later in the next post.
On the move again!
Baby toes!
He loves me, he loves me not...
He loves me!
Because I say so!
Flowers from my Lover!
Friends at the shower, Andria is in the middle.
Phoebe's cake!
Kids with attitude!