Tuesday, June 3, 2008


This speaks for itself!
Okay, it's been a busy week! Phoebe is now finally cured of her rash. It was fungal, and had the markings to prove it as it was healing. No more washing sheets everyday! She is starting to eat more solids, that is if you let her eat it off the floor. For instance, yesterday we gave her some pieces of avocado, she spit it out after having it in her mouth for a bit. Later, she finds some of it on the floor and guess what, she eats it, and thinks it's just fine. Guess we'll have to start feeding her solids off the floor. She finally ate her rice cereal, that is if you give it to her before her bottle, so she is so hungry she doesn't care...she's growing but it is still that petite little girl:)
My friend Andria threw us a shower last Saturday! It was so fun! She had fabulous food and cake and company. It was so nice to celebrate Phoebe's arrival into our lives, she is such a spitfire and showed some of that off to the guests!
The kitty found a new home. He or she went to an adoptive family with 14 children, and will definitely get much more attention than we had time to give. Also, it is nice not to have John sneezing all the time or me itching after feeding her. The babies do not seem to miss it, it was like a toy to them, poor kitty. She looked so much better by the time she went to them. Gorgeous little blue eyes! We are glad for her and the chance she was given to live!
I included photos of Miss Phoebe's 7th month photo shoot. This time we made sure she was fed a bottle at the "right" temperature before hand so she wasn't screaming for them. This time she was crawling all over the place so the photographer had to be quick!
Last but not least, my birthday surprise from my husband was super fantastic! Not only did I get 2 bouquets of roses, one delivered to our home the other given to me by him, I got a delicious dinner at Felicitaions without our babies, and a part time nanny for the summer! I'm so spoiled, and our nanny is great. I'll tell you more about her later in the next post.
On the move again!
Baby toes!
He loves me, he loves me not...
He loves me!
Because I say so!
Flowers from my Lover!
Friends at the shower, Andria is in the middle.
Phoebe's cake!
Kids with attitude!


Hilary Marquis said...

Glad to hear the mystery rash has been solved. Beautiful flowers, John! And Phoebe couldn't be any cuter if she tried! (Michael too :)

Jamie said...

The pictures are beautiful! What a thoughtful gift from your husband...with two little ones, I know you can use the extra help! How great of him to recognize that.

Maria said...

Lucky duck with the help! :-) The babies, as always, are beautiful!

Jackie said...

These pics are so nice, Gen. Can I have one??? I'm so glad to hear that the rash is better...yayyy!

Margaret & Tom said...

Oh I love the pictures. They are all fabo, but I love the first one with the wagon in black and white...that is sooo precious. Oh my Phoebe just gets cuter and cuter and those cheeks are definitely getting chubbier :) She and Michael both just have the cutest facial expressions!

Margaret & Tom said...

Oh and I forgot to tell you I think Milana has that same rash under her many neck/cheek folds...yuck!! It is like a cave under there, there is not much sunlight that gets in there and milk likes to trickle down there while she is eating so you can imagine it is like a petri dish....

Rachel said...

A NANNY??!! I HAVE NO SYMPATHY FOR YOU! HAHAHA...seriously, that's awesome. We've been throwing around getting a cleaning service twice a month. I just really hate to clean. Love P's pics!