Saturday, November 28, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving 2009!!

Yup, it's been awhile. I've discovered blogging just isn't my thing anymore, I'm finding that I like spending more time with my kids more than anything, as well as activities that revolve around my kids, and this is one of those things that takes my energy away from them. I ocassionally hop on and catch up on others, but right now my focus is taking care of my family, and I absolutely LOVE IT and am totally into it!!! Don't worry, I may still continue to write here at times...or maybe NOT!

Anyway, we had a super Thanksgiving at my sister's house. So nice not to have to clean up mine and have a big to do here, not that I don't love that either, it's just it was nice not to do that this year. We got some fantastic news that my sister is expecting no 5 in July, we are so excited!! My babies love babies!! We also had the traditional Thanksgiving feast and our tummies were quite happy:)

I know that it's been a hard Thanksgiving for many. I hope that those that sit and complain about things when they have absolutely nothing to complain about feel ashamed-had to say it. Many do not have jobs, and many have no family. There are many orphans out there waiting for a home, let alone enough food, warmth, and someone to give them affection. There are families waiting to bring home orphans and are at a loss of what to do. I hope that everyone realizes that each of us has a blessing, no matter how small. It absolutely irks me that people complain about the smallest things when they have it all, a house to live in, someone who loves them, enough food on the table that they have to watch their weight! Enough said.

News on the kid front. Michael is having surgery in January for his club foot. Although his foot is pretty straight now, his tendon is tight and is not allowing his foot to walk properly, or flat and not on the side of his foot. If we want him to perform athletically, we have to lengthen his tendon. Our choices were to cast him again and most likely still have to have the tendon lengthening surgery, or do the surgery. Since Michael is quite the active can't sit still boy, we opted for surgery. Not only that, I don't think he would have tolerated the casting this time around...should have seen him at the x-ray! Barely could keep the lead apron on around his privates!
Phoebe is talking a mile a minute, those two like to argue and it is never a quiet ride in the car anymore. I've been busy training, training, training. Anyway, here's what you've been waiting for, the most recent photo ops of M & P! Hope you like them!
Phoebe in time out mode!