Sunday, August 1, 2010

Anniversaries, Gotcha Day, Weddings, and Births

It's been a busy few weeks at our household.  We're exhausted but trying to get the best out of summer.
We recently got back from John's parents 50th wedding anniversary celebration in Washington state.  Not many couples make it that far anymore, healthy and happily married so kudos to Mom and Dad for that accomplishment.  It coincided with the Tri-cities hydroboat races.  I  never knew anything like that existed until I married John,  who grew up with them.  It was fun to see,  and now my kids have memories of the hotel as part of  Nana's and Papa's house.  Michael  told me today I'm going to Nana's and Papa's house and the hotel tomorrow.   He is so funny.  His memory is also incredible, as it was brought about  by looking at pictures I downloaded to my computer. He said I need to get on the plane tomorrow!   Phoebe doesn't seem to remember her experiences as well, although she remembered the wedding we went to today.  Funny what sticks in a girl's mind vs a boy's.  I definitely have a masculine boy and a feminine girl.  It's great fun to have their personalities like that! 

We also celebrated Michael's 3rd Gotcha day with us.  We can't believe it's been 3 years since this darling boy has changed our lives for the better. What a privilege it is to celebrate the day God entrusted him to our care.   He is sweet,  oh so sensitive(uncannily like his Dad, John),  has a great sense of humor,  and loves life and being a little boy.  He got to do it twice,  once at Papa and Nana's which was very special, and the other at home during his actual Gotcha Day.  His favorite part was opening presents and blowing out candles.  He can't get enough of that:)  We went to the Waterpark of America,  and he is also saying that he wants to go back.  We've been going there the past few years and he recalls it as "splash mountain and big, big, slides."  We took both he and Phoebe on the family raft and boy was that a hoot,  they both said the yellow raft was their favorite. 

Today we went to our nanny, Kim's wedding... She married her college sweetheart Jessie.  It was a beautiful wedding with a beautiful bride.  She loved my kids so that she made them feel very special during her celebration.  Sweet Michael said,  now don't leave me!  That is one thing that we know deeply affected him in his adoption.  He says to those he most loves,  DON'T LEAVE ME, in almost desperation.  He is finally putting words to feelings that he felt as a young baby.  It deeply affects both John and I as parents.  We reassured him that we would never leave him if we could help it.  But he keeps saying that whenever he feels insecure.  If only I could take away the pain he had experienced...

In the last two weeks we also welcomed a new cousin!  A little boy named Thomas!  My children were fascinated by him and Michael just loved holding him and of course wants to hold him all the time.  Both he and Phoebe were overjoyed that my sister told them,  they could be the boss of him!  Oh,  dear,  she doesn't know what she asked for...