Friday, February 12, 2010

Michael's Cast is off and utube video

Above is a utube video made in hopes of bringing 65 Kyrgyz orphans home. It is very near and dear to my heart as I know some of the families waiting. Please share far and wide. Michael is a part of this video:)

Michael got his cast off on Tuesday. He did pretty well considering. However, it will be an adjustment for him as he relearns how to use his foot. His foot is stiff and feels different because of the cast and also because his heel tendon was lengthened. He is relearning how to walk. Our hope is the muscles in his calf strengthen enough so that he does not require another surgery at around age 5 where they would actually have to move an anterior tendon to bring the foot straighter. We are hoping his heel will stabilize. Right now he is favoring his foot but is moving around albeit slowly It pains me to watch him but he is very independent and insists we not carry him. What a trooper!