Wednesday, June 24, 2009

On the road again!!!

Just dropping in with a vacation update. On the way to Colorado for a medical conference(we drove this time) we had the privilege of staying with the Marquis' family. It helped break up the long drive and the kids survived as well as us and we didn't even need happy juice!! Here are pics of the kiddos, I'm sure Hilary has better ones, she got right down there with them, so I learned some new photo techniques!!! I didn't put any comments by the photos as I've found some better things to do while on vacation:)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

80 years young!!!

My Dad and step Mom were here last week celebrating Dad's 80th!! What a great week of hanging out and having my kiddos love on their grandpa! Michael especially had fun with him. It was a wonderful week had by all!

Monday, June 1, 2009

A Surprise Trip

It's amazing how tomorrow you think you will be doing something and then God drops a bombshell and you are doing something you never dreamed you'd be doing. Last week that happened to us, after a surprise invitation, we were on our way to Washington, DC in less than 24 hours. Not that it hadn't already been planned by the great orchestrater, because it was amazing that we actually were able to pull it off with all the details that needed to fall into place. We were honored to meet with the Kyrgyzstan officials and nine other adoptive families and blessed to be able to share with them how well our children are doing. What a story to tell them when they grow older. It was a fun, unexpected trip that we will always have fond memories of. Hope you catch a glimpse of the fun and excitement we had!! PS Joanne, this is just a small part of where I've been, will try to catch up post later as I have summer help:)
My sweet, sweet family!!!
Waiting for the metro with my new nanny
Kyrgyz Embassy
A proud Kyrgyz AP
Phoebe at the Jefferson memorial climbing up to....
...touch a pillar!
That's really funny, Mommy!
Phoebe greeting others at the Lincoln Memorial!
It's hot out here!!!
Michael gathering geese
Michael "in front of the White House"
Kyrgyz officials with Kyrgyzstan Adoptive families