Monday, June 16, 2008

A visit to the hospital

So Michael had the controversial procedure done today. Rather than defend my position, which I would normally but don't want to start a debate, you can check out one of the more recent articles by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Not trying to change anyones mind but it is not cruel to do this to your child. It also had some interesting statements in it and links to the supporting literature. Also, being a doc and nurse you see what the consequences are of not doing it and it is not very pretty.
Plus, I wanted to share what a brave little guy our son was. Poor little guy, he couldn't have his normal enormous breakfast, so we fed him his favorite spaghetti last night, got him up at midnite to give him yogurt and milk, after keeping him up as late as possible, and then woke at 5 to give him some apple juice. It was a good thing we did, the procedure before us took longer than they thought and Michael was giving me all the sign language that he was very, very hungry. By the time it was his turn, he had fallen asleep for his morning nap. The anesthesiologist thought they had it made, but not so. I think they were being cautious and didn't give him the normal amount of nitrous oxide as he was already sleeping, and he woke up for their IV sticks. My poor son was a pin cushion. I think I counted 20 on his hands and feet...His adequate nutrition and his stress provided very little access for those poor docs and nurses, I have been on the other side and I know how horrible it feels. But he was a trooper! He made it through the procedure with no problems and was placed in my arms in about 1 1/2 hours after we left him in the induction room. The 1/2 was the time it took to get an IV in him..He needed his bottle right away and he just gulped that down in no time at all. He wasn't awake when we were discharged so we strolled to my favorite Italian restaurant in St Paul! He must have been just about ready to get up and smelled the fabulous food, his reward was a few of his favorite noodles! We thought he would be down for the rest of the day, no soon as we got home he was groggy, but he saw the dogs and was instantly awake and back to his old self. He has been cruising all day on his little walker. He's just about ready to walk, stands for 15 seconds by himself, has actually taken a few steps to us, but hasn't tried it yet by himself. He can take his time, I'm excited for him to walk but know that means a lot more work!! Then Phoebe will be right behind him as she is monkey see monkey do!
I put pics up of my new do in with Mikey...however, let me say it is definitely more work than my long hair and it's not even how it should look! Also, I told my stylist when she asked how much time I would spend I said zero(she laughed at me and said better go for long layers so it won't look like a bad cut), so it definitely doesn't look anything like it did the first day. My hubby actually really likes it and I think it would be perfect, if I spent more time on it....oh well, it's definitely less weight to wear it around!
Waiting room at the Day Surgery Center St Paul Childrens
Sporting my hospital pj's
Fell asleep waiting for my turn
Induction room getting laughing gas
Waking up in Mommy's arms
On a lighter note, Phoebe went to her first birthday party at our neighbors house. They got to go down the big water slide and Michael tried out the jumping castle. Boy, do we love summer!
I think I like my bathtub better
I really like my bathtub better
The jumping castle
Daddy helps me out!


Carmi said...

So glad to see that Michael came through this without problems. What a brave boy!

Mom to 2 Angels said...

Glad the procedure went so smoothly and your hair looks great!

Jackie S said...

Yayyy for Michael!! What a brave little man :)

Your hair looks fab, Gen. It really does :)

Maria said...

Ok, so I know this way about Michael, but, GIRL, your hair looks FANTASTIC!! :-) I'm glad this is over for all of you. I'm thinking that b-day party looks like tons of fun!!

Jamie said...

Glad Michael did well...hope Phoebe has more fun at her next b-day party :) And your hair looks great!

Brand New Mama said...

Good for you guys! We decided to have JJ done last year (after many bouts with yeast infections). H is too cute!


Hilary Marquis said...

What a little tooper! I'm glad he came through it all with his appetite in tact :) I love your new hair-do, it looks darling and much cooler. I had mine fixed up a bit yesterday...not that I can fix the uncontrollable curl/frizz. Thanks again for the outfits, I can't wait to see Anara and Nola in them.

Rachel said...

Ugh, I am SO glad it's over! We had Alex's done around 20 months or so. Taking off the bandage for the first time was awful, but he healed pretty well over the next few days. I'm glad Michael is on the road to recovery (and that you won't have to worry about it with P...a plus of having a girl).

And I LOVE the hair! Looks great on you!

T&L said...

Glad it went well. We are expecting that our little Kyrgyz baby will be a boy, and also plan to go ahead with it (at least at this point).

Yes, your hair does look nice!!!

Bless you!-
Lisa (& Tony) -- the other family from MN adopting from Kyrgyzstan. ;)
p.s. we'd still love to meet you some time!

Margaret & Tom said...

Sorry I am so way behind! Now I know what you meant when you said you did not get much sleep the night before surgery. I don't do well missing meals either, poor Michael! Oh my goodness, what a little trouper he is to go through this so well and it sounds like he was up and ready to go right are amazing I think adult males would be in bed for weeks! Phoebe looks so cute in the swimming pool, I have not taken Milana swimming yet, but she is starting to like her bath, so soon :) Hugs to all you guys, but especially Michael!!!!!!!!!!!