Saturday, June 14, 2008

Losing a foot and a brace

We now kind of play together...
8 months old and a jelly belly:
Yeah, we're done! Except for orthopedic appointments about every 6 months until adulthood or maybe less as Michael get's older. We finally do not have to put on that brace anymore. Michael stopped sleeping about the time Phoebe got home with that brace on...He would kick it off, or fuss until we took the bar off. Then he would cry until we took the shoes on his orthopedic appointment on Tuesday, June 10th, we told the ortho that he was not tolerationg it anymore. I thought he would try to convince us that we needed to keep it on, instead, he looked at his foot and said. Okay. No big deal...I was ready to put up a fight to keep it off...guess he's used to it. He checked his foot out, no need for an afo or ankle foot orthotic either, unless it starts to regress...which is why the follow up checks every six months until???? So we lose the brace!!!!! NO PROBLEM!!! Agree with me Terry? It was a big PITB!!! WOOOOHOOOOOO!!! So I thought I'd give you a parting shot of the casts and brace we've had to deal with since August 07 to fix Michael's clubfoot. We are so thankful that surgery was not needed. Thanks for all your prayers my dear friends!
5 little cast were hiding in a bag...
Along came a brace that made Mom make a face!

As far as the losing a foot...I lost about 12 inches of hair on Friday the 13th! Do I feel good!! Like a great weight has been lifted off!! After many years of long, long hair I finally went to tell my hairstylist to lop it off, she just about hit the floor! She kept asking me if I were sure! Yup, my kids finally did me in. I could deal with Michael getting at it, but the 2 together got to me. Plus, I was tired of having my hair brush my arms, and looking like it had no lift. So with one big snip, it came off. I now have a mom cut, and I'm okay with it:) Now I get to work on the rest of me and getting back into shape. Losing a foot is a good start, I wondered how much that weighted?
1 foot missing...


Jackie S said... much news :) I can't wait to see you in your new hair cut ;) I bet it looks wonderful!

Congrats on the brace and I'm sending positive thoughts that Michael's foot will not regress.

Phoebe is getting to be such a big girl...look at her in that outfit :) Her hair is growing in nicely.

It does look like they're playing together well. Oh, beautiful view outside that window. x

Lisa B and Family said...

I am so happy Micheal is doing so well. What a relief for you.
And wow! a foot of hair! Are you donating it? My daughter did that a few years ago to locks of love.
Oh, and whats with posting no photo of your new style?

janiece said...

Hey--where's a picture so we can judge that mom cut???
I know what you mean--I chopped mine off--no where near as much but this way wash and go!

Rachel said...

Um, I have to agree with my friends above...where's the pic of the new cut???!

Congrats to Michael! What a WONDERFUL step forward (get it? step? hahaha).

Mom to 2 Angels said...

So glad that michael's foot is better without surgery and he doesn't have to sleep in a brace anymore. That would have to be so uncomfortable. I'm with everyone else. I want to see the haircut!

Margaret & Tom said...

I like how you lost a "foot" I was wondering what that was going to be :) I want to see a picture of you with your hair cut, I bet it is adorable on you. It is amazing to see how Michael's casts grew! I am so glad he is doing so well and can get rid of it, I also love the belly on Phoebe :)
Tell John we hope he had a great Father's Day. I emailed you from the work email, hope you got it...I sent it to the gmail account, I will try to resend though, I am thinking you didn't :)