Monday, June 23, 2008

Summer Daze, Smiley Babes, and first haircut!

We are full into summer and enjoying it! Heather was out helping me finish a table for Phoebe and Michael, and the weather is perfect! Mid 70's low humidity, Yeah!!!
I had to share some of our mommy-son and daddy-daughter pictures, and also my smiling babies after a nap:) Now if they could only be that way all the time! The last thing to share is the big haircut! For his 16th month birthday, we took Michael to Kid's Hair. He did fantastic, both Heather and I were amazed at how welll he did-it was like he enjoyed it. I was also glad to have her along while getting it cut, otherwise I would have pulled out my hair, no need to get it cut.
This is short, summer is too short to be inside. Hope you like the photos!
the red white and blue?
I still fit 0-3 months!
You're it!
I'm awake!
So am I!
pre haircut
i'm not sure about this

Stylin' dude
Your turn next time!


Mom to 2 Angels said...

Michael looks so handsome with his big boy haircut!

Hilary Marquis said...

Oh my goodness! What a handsome little man! He looks adorable, but it sure does take away the "baby" look doesn't it?

Rachel said...

I love these pics! So fun to catch them while they're smiling. The haircut looks be prepared to get it done ALL THE TIME!! I'm betting their hair is like Alex and Scarlett's...grows like a weed. I keep Alex's really short and STILL have to get it done at least every 4 weeks. Scarlett looks like one of the Beatles if I don't pull it back, but I want hers long!

Post a pic of that table when it's done...looks super cute!

Jackie S said...

Definitely one handsome dude. I love all the pics. I cannot picture Noli sitting nicely in such a chair for her first haircut. That will certainly be interesting....


Jamie said...

Oh- he looks like such a little man! Very handsome! And I love the smiley nap pictures...mine dont wake up quite that happy...they take a few minutes to warm up usually. Except Kenzie...she flashes a big smile and gives me love pats. The table looks great to...i can picture lots of tea parties and coloring going on at that one!

Margaret & Tom said...

Wow I love Michael's haircut, he is such the little man! Don't you love those smiles after a nap? Jackie told me those would be the best and they are :) Love Phoebe's dress too, I can't believe she is home 3 months now (I saw the ticker at the top!) Wow time does fly!
Hugs, Enjoy that weather!!!!!! (It is very humid down here in St. Lou)

Brand New Mama said...

What a big boy! We totally had to hold JJ for his first 3 haircuts.