Friday, July 24, 2009

Potty training and other milestones

Okay, we haven't been really serious about it but since they've started watching the Elmo Potty Time video they are sitting on their potty all the time. Phoebe went pee the first time she sat but she isn't really there yet. Michael is still a little afraid but likes to sit on there buck naked and then pull on his pants after a few minutes without doing anything. I suppose when I get serious about it I'll pull out the potty doll one day and then try giving them food and wather the next day and see what happens. There are so many theories out there but it'll happen when it does. I can hardly wait to be free of the diapers and the time it takes as well as the cost!! I found out that my little boy definitely needs a potty with a guard, he sits down on those without the guard and I see his little pee stick straight up. He definitely knows about his bodily functions and he's told me when he is going, I saw him one day go no 2 in his diaper, sorry for the graphic, but he said Momma, ucky poop!
Both Michael and Phoebe are getting to a really fun age. They are starting to talk to me, Phoebe mostly one word communication, and Michael 2-3 words in a row. I love it that we understand their almost unintelligible words!! They are also getting to the point where I don't have to put them in the stroller but can have them hang on to my hands when we go somewhere. That's a huge time and hassle saver!!It is so bittersweet but it is getting much easier in some ways and much busier than others. I still can't leave them alone as they would get into a ton of trouble or else somehow harm themselves!!
They have also learned how to sing. Their favorite videos are Kids Favorite Songs 2, another Elmo video(he isn't the parents favorite but he sure captures the kids attention and does teach them some things. They actually sing along with them(I love this part-in intelligible vocals) and do the actions they see on the video. It is quite adorable. They also like Toddler Action Songs by Cedarmont kids. I'm relearning all the words to those nonsensical songs but love it! I didn't realize how charming this age is as they are sponges and can actually do things, although they can be quite annoying with their independent streaks and stubborn wills. They have wonderfully different personalities! Michael is very, very sweet and sensitive and Phoebe is one strong little lady who knows what she wants.
A big milestone is their learning how to swim around in the pool in their lifevests!! It is sooo cute and amazing as I am such a poor swimmer and never really learned to swim well. I hope to get a video of them doing it. They love being dunked, playing ring around the rosie in the water, and putting their faces in the water and back floating. I just love watching them learn something new and independent and the look of absolute jubilation on their faces. These are such precious days in our life as a family!! We are so, so blessed!!!
Phoebe had her year follow up at the IAC and at 21 months she is 23 lbs, 31 1/2 inches which puts her in the tenth percentile. The doc said her verbal is absolutely amazing as well as her fine motor and gross motor skills...nothing like the responsibility of being given an incredibly talented and strongwilled child, it is an honor but also a little frightening at the same time. Phoebe's favorite word is NO!!! UGH!!!
I hope to someday post some catch up photos but there are just so many things to do and enjoy in these fast paced changing days. Their schedule consists of the zoo, the pool, the children's museum, reading at the library, and toddler rhyme time at the library!! They would spend most of their days outside biking if they could...all I can say is the summer is absolutely flying by!!


Jackie said...

What a great update!! Our kids are getting so big and learning so much, so fast. Can't wait to see more pics when you find the time to post. xo

Rachel said...

They are doing so well!! So glad you aren't pushing the potty thing. It can be a nightmare if you do (and I've been there), but it is nice to get rid of the diapers!

Joanne & Andy said...

Sounds like you are having a fun and busy summer! Nicholas has finally been potty trained, during the day, nighttime will wait for awhile. Soon it will be Jacob's turn, he just turned 2 so we have a few months, though he is already telling me when he goes. I think that watching his big brother will have his training coming earlier than Nicholas.

Margaret and Tom said...

yes, where is it going? I think it sounds like you are having a fabulous time. I am so glad the kids are doing so well, growing so well, and just so darn cute too :)
It is such a fun age isn't it?