Thursday, July 2, 2009

Views of Vail

It took me awhile to finish this post. I updated my internet explorer and now on this computer everytime I try to load pics, it won't do it. So I had to find my little key drive to move it to another computer,alss the we made it home safely after the two, 2 day car rides. I'll have to say the kids did way better than we expected after about 100 rounds of "I'm bringing home a baby bumble bee...", Elmo's Grouchland on DVD, munching on Honeysmacks, and playing with their sound doodle pads along with good 3 hour naps. It was simply a joy to leave the house full of things to do, and enjoy my husband and kids for awhile with no other stresses. We swam twice a day in the 85 degree salt water pool, went on long walks, went to Donovan park-a great playground for the kids, took a Gondola to the top of Vail and hiked around, met our old friends from Alaska who now live in Colorado, went to Vail village and Lionshead. I could do that again soon, it was a really relaxing vacation for all of us. John and I even went on a dinner date as the resort had good childcare-retired folk who lived up there and did it part-time at the resort. It was a joy for them to spend time with our active young ones and they loved it, praising them on their inquisitiveness and bundles of energy. Now it's back to the daily grind but on a refreshed note!! Here are some pics to enjoy of our time there!

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Margaret and Tom said...

Wow it looks like you could be in the Sound of Music with that backdrop! So gorgeous! I am glad you had a chance to relax and enjoy (and get a night out with just hubby!)