Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fun on the 4th!

Here's the belated post, see below as to why this is late, 2 posts in one night!!!
Anyway, we had a low key day as John only had the 4th off sandwiched between workdays and my sister was off in Wisconsin Dells. The kids got up and swam for 2 hours and then took a 2 hour nap. I stayed home and caught up on the infinite laundry pile and took care of the outside plants. We told our landscaper we wanted low maintenance, ha, it's still more maintenance then I wanted. It'll be better in a few years when I don't have to constantly keep my eyes on the kids. They still do not know what will and will not hurt them, they are getting there but are still learning, just like Mom:) Michael got into his first bike accident, our driveway slopes down into the garage and he crashed into the wall, fortunately, he only suffered minor abrasions to his nose and chin, keeping all of his teeth!!
We took the kids to church, then we ate take home cheesecake factory, mmmmm, mmmm, good!! I bought enough sparklers to last until almost their teenage years, and we gave it a shot. My pyrotechnic husband(chemical engineer turned doc) said these are the things that he got injured from the most as a kid, so he was extra careful:) Of course Michael thought that they were big candles. Both he and Phoebe got a big kick out of singing Happy Birthday to America and blowing out the candles!!
The kids went to bed so we actually watched the fireworks from our house. Our little township or maybe a neighbor put on a very nice show-it wasn't choregraphed or timed perfectly but we were in out of the bugs and the humidity:)
Later that night(oh dark thirty as John calls it) we were awakened by the sound of sirens very close to our house. If you know our neighborhood, there's not that many neighbors around so we were rather curious as to what was going on. We couldn't see anything as it was quite humid and the windows to our house had condensation on them. After a few minutes we heard the helicopter. We are quite used to that sound as John was in the military and we are on the path for medevacs to bring traumas to the level one trauma center. This one took us by surprise however as the copter landed on the road right before entering our culdesac. Now most people would probably walk out and go see what is happening...not us...John said he would find out the next day at work what happened, he was exhausted from working the days before and had to get up again early in the morning and even though I was dying to find out I wasn't about to leave my comfy bed for blood and guts and possibly bad news about my neighbor. By the time the copter came it would have had enough trained people to help out whoever needed the help so it wasn't like we were shirking our duties. Turns out it was a unlighted golf cart vs 2 motor vehicles going the opposite direction. 4 sixteen year olds were operating it heading down or up from the lake. No one perished fortunately, but what were they doing on the road where cars are driving around 50 mph with no lights? Their parents were very, very lucky, we were glad all turned out well. Our kids had no clue what was going on, thankfully, I pray they never have to ride in an ambulance or a medevac!

Trying to get Phoebe to pose for a picture, the best I could get:)


Jackie said...

Such cute and festive pics, Gen!! Love Phoebe's piggies, too. Happy belated 4th!! Hugs x

Hilary Marquis said...

I love their outfits. Phoebe is definitely a "Little Sparkler"!

Margaret and Tom said...

The kids are sooo cute in these pictures. I also love Phoebe's pigtails and the sparkler outfit, what a perfect one for her! I am sorry to hear about Michael's bike accident, glad it wasn't too bad and no teeth were involved :) Hugs to you guys!

Carmi said...

Phoebe's picture is cute as can be. At that age you just can't worry about posing. ;-)