Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Thanksgiving-better late than never?

It took awhile to recover from the food and festivities...We went to my sister's house. I even got my wish and there was snow!!! Now for the white Christmas:)
Anyway, Michael got his first taste of mashed potatoes and loved that marshmellow topped sweet potato stuff! Didn't quite know what to do with the turkey except smash it all over the place. My darling husband got to fry up the bird, we tried that william sonoma injection marinade and it was great, and spicy!!! We also had the traditional roasted turkey, what leftovers we had.
My niece did the fruit turkey, and fun was had by all. We were so happy to be a family this Thanksgiving, Michael made it so much better. We feasted on food, fellowship, and the many blessings we had this year. We want to Thank all of you who have helped make this year special to us. Especially Michael!!!

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Jamie said...

Love the turkey your niece made- how creative! And Micheal looks so cute! Love the pics- glad you had a great Thanksgiving.