Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Thanksgiving, Tokmok Tots, Tummy Troubles, and terrifically TIRED!!

A trio of...
Okay, I'm late in the posting. Rachel beat us all to the punch. She even got our group disney photo in, so check it out by clicking on Rachel. She has her version of the story:)
Rachel's Scarlett & Phoebe
We were privileged to have spent Thanksgiving in sunny, "warm", Florida. Of course we couldn't miss the opportunity to meet up with other Tokmok tot families. It started out with girl's nite out, like Rachel said, no Mom duties, WOW!! It was so nice to kick back with such charming ladies. I really enjoyed it. John got to babysit 4 kids, our two kyrgyz kiddos, Jackie's Nola, and my niece. He did a fine job of it, and I'm so lucky to have him for a hubby.
Tokmok Tot Mom's Nite Out!
We had to continue our fun with a trip to Disney's Animal Kingdom and then Magic Kingdom. If you want to really enjoy the parks, Rachel and Jamie are the way to go. They know what they are doing as far as when to go see things, take a fast pass or wait in line. If it weren't for them, our kids surely wouldn't have made it through the day. They have expertise in young children at big crowded parks!! Thanks so much for sharing it with us and making our time special. We are so blessed to have the common bond of adopting 4 girls from Tokmok, Kyrgyzstan. It was so fitting to end our tine with the last ride on "It's a small world..." Rachel's right, we need a big Kyrg reunion down there! Preferably in winter mind you:)
A Tokmok Trio...
Tokmok Tots in action:) L to R Nola 18 mo MacKenzie 16 mo Scarlett 15 mo Phoebe 13 mo
Thanksgiving was extra special as we got to celebrate Nola's Gotcha Day!! Jackie and Nola joined us for the week at our timeshare and we had the joy of getting to know them better! It's hard to believe that Nola and Jackie have been family for a year now, but none the less one of the best things ever!
Happy Gotcha Nola!
Thanksgiving feasting!
It was a great week, and we are all recovering at home. Unfortunately, almost all of us got the stomach flu. Started with Phoebe on Thanksgiving, went to Jackie, then Michael, my niece Rebecca, then Nola at home, and me at home. With lots of prayers we were able to get home on the plane without any tummy trouble disasters!! We are hoping John will miss this one.
There were days I felt like this guy!
All I can say is I'm tremendously thankful to God for my family, my friends, the Kyrgyz connections, and that I'm also terrifically TIRED!!!
Disney, a place where dreams that come true meet!
This says it all!


Jackie S said...

What a most perfect post, Gen! I guess it's my turn next :)

I cannot believe it's been a year since Nola and I have been mother and daughter. We enjoyed every minute of our time with you all. Thanks for sharing such a special Thanksgiving and giving us extra special memories to cherish.

Hugs, Jackie & Noli x

Rachel said...

I didn't realize it has been a year for Nola! That's so cool! Gen, we had a great time, and it's good to see more pics (unlike JAMIE who can't find her camera!!! Oh yea, shout out to you girl). Great shot of the castle. Hope you all are feeling better!

Jamie said...

Gen- did make it back- I really hope you have all fully recovered. Overall, though- a nice trip? It was really good to see you and Jackie and all the tots again. Ashtyn had a great time with your niece! Hope to see you again next time you are in town!

Lori said...

How absolutely wonderful for you ALL! The picture of you all is priceless...and very hope-inspiring! Thank you for sharing it with us all!!!

I also think that Phoebe and Scarlett look so much alike!! It's really fascinating!

Maria said...

Well, all I can say is I'm officially jealous: girl time, Tokmok beauties reunion AND Disney -- please, so unfair!! *smile*

Pamela said...

This holiday season is surely providing real life Kyrgyz connections. It is so good to see that all of you were together almost immediately after a bunch of us got together in DC. I'm feeling an amazing vibe flowing across our great country!



Margaret and Tom said...

Great pictures Gen! Happy Belated Thanksgiving to you all! I am really out of it with my blog checks so forgive me with the delay in reading this! The kids look so great and it looks like the Mom's had fun too!