Friday, September 14, 2007

a trip to Spokane

Michael is certainly going to take after his Dad and have the travel bug. Last Sunday we hopped on a plane to go be with John's Dad while he had open heart surgery. He did fabulous, sleeping on both the trip there and trip back after an initial fussing. He got to meet his other set of grandparents, an aunt, a cousin, and a great aunt. He is a very social guy and flirted with all the nurses.

Tomorrow we are going to the cousin's school fair. I hope to have more pictures then. Meanwhile, life is good. Michael sleeps 8-9 hours a nite and if I go to bed at a reasonable hour, I get good rest. On the trip however, we had one nite of unexplained crying, after 2 45 minute boughts of crying, trying to rock him, walk him, I was finally able to get him to sleep while cuddling him on his side in bed.
He can sit up pretty well now and he's caught up with his fine motor skills. You are not going to recognize our butterball who now has good baby fat for his brain!

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Grandpa&Grandma said...

Michael. Thanks for visiting me in my time of need. Being with you was so special that it allowed me to take my mind off of my surgery and allowed me to recover better. You are very special!!

Your parents are very special too; they brought themselves and you all the way to Spokane to support me.