Monday, October 1, 2007

Life with a club foot

Happy Fall Everyone!!! Can't believe it's October and the leaves are starting to turn!! I love fall. Anyway, I finally got some good pictures of our boy getting his club foot fixed. First ones are of him and my lovely husband John showing the "blue cast", then of him getting his cast changed. Finally, the brace he has to wear as long as he can now that 6 weeks of going in every week to get a new cast is done. What is a club foot? It's when the foot is turned in and needs to be corrected, it often involves tight tendons and if passive casting does not do it they cut the heel cord or do surgery. Our prayers may have been answered, they are thinking they won't have to cut the cord or do surgery. I would love it because it's hard to keep the cast sanitary, and Michael missed his baths and immersing himself in water. Next week we are going to Florida, and YEAH, we are going to the pool!! I can't wait. Famous people that have had it? Kristi Yamaguchi had 2 club feet, and Troy Aikman Dallas Cowboys quarterback had a club foot. Yes, Michael will be fine, but pro sportsman or olympic gold in the future, we would love to say YES!!! Anyway, I hope to get in some fantastic fall pictures in before the month is out and that may be a good option since post adoption report is coming due here soon!! By the way, Michael weighs 19.2 lbs without the 2.2 lb Ponseti brace and is 26 inches!!!


Mom to 2 Angels said...

He's getting so big! He looks adorable, even all casted up. I pray that he won't have to have surgery.

Hilary Marquis said...

Anara is on my lap looking at the pictures of Michael and "talking" to him! He is growing so fast! I'm so glad to hear that your prayeres may have been answered.

Jackie said...

Your little man looks so happy and healthy. I'm glad things are looking like there will be no surgery!! Enjoy your trip to FL.