Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Sleep is a good thing!

Yeah, I was able to figure out how to send these photos from my camera. Michael was suddenly quiet in his exersaucer, I went to check on him and by golly, he had fallen asleep. It beats the usual fuss for a half hour and then sleep for 20 minutes. Often he falls asleep while I have him in the baby carrier like yesterday when I was running errands. His sleep pattern is so funny. Down about a half hour after breakfast, then he takes his long nap around lunchtime(1-2 hours) then another 1/2 hour or forty minutes in the afternoon, and down for bed at about 730-8 pm. Hopefully, one day I can get him to sleep in the am and afternoon dropping the 3rd nap and not around lunchtime.

Of course I had to add the naptime of the 2 boys in my life. I love being a mommy and wife, my 2 best dreams come true!!!

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