Sunday, December 30, 2007

Good friends are made in Heaven!!!

Friends from the Heart!
Michael & Kaleb, Kami & John
The Kyrg Gang!
We were so blessed to get together with our fellow adoptive Kyrg family during the holiday week. We met virtually during our initial stages and it has been a God send!!! Through all our stresses, unknowns, and ups & downs during the process we had someone to share our hurts, heartaches, worries, and anger at times. Scott and Kami have become some of our closest friends because of all of this. We were able to hold their son and take pictures of him in the orphanage while picking up Michael, and held our breath as we saw unforeseen circumstances in their adoption of Kaleb. We are so happy to report that all went well and they have their son, Kaleb home with them now for 3 months. He is a week older than Michael. Hopefully, they will be moving here someday soon from Ohio, as Scott just got a job based out of Minneapolis. They have relatives here and were able to find time to come visit us and have the boys play and finally meet each other. It was so special!! I hope you enjoy these reunion pics!

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