Sunday, February 3, 2008

Baby buddies and water bug

We were able to see our friends over a week ago and I'm just now posting post superbowl. Glad to see that someone other than the Patriots took the title.
Michael has had the "pnuemonia" although doctor dad didn't quite agree with that diagnosis. We gave him the antibiotic anyway, which of course he didn't agree with the selection...but on to the current topic, Kaleb and Michael had fun playing with the bag, their parents had a good afternoon chatting, all to say we wished they lived here. Kaleb is getting some mighty fine cheeks from the picture. How can 2 little fellows be so cute and yet so different?
We've also been taking Michael to water babies. He absolutely loves it. Not afraid of the water at all. John calls him a water bug. Loves to splash, blows bubbles in it, back floats, and survived the dunking. He gets so excited when he gets there he starts screaming with joy!! I'm just glad the waters warm as we have had subzero temps lately. I hear a warm fronts coming through but I'm glad we're headed to Florida this Saturday!


Jamie said...

What a cute little water bug! He looks like a little surfer dude!

Mom to 2 Angels said...

He looks so much older in these pics. He is just too cute. We really need to do swim lessons soon, too. You are always one step ahead of us! Our court date for AP's readoption is this week.