Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Out and About

Sometimes I wonder if you don't need a vacation from vacation. I learned from this trip that even though the baby may sleep on the plane if you travel in the evening, it doesn't pay to travel and get there late because guess what, the baby still gets up on his schedule which is 6 am!! So, I think I'm finally starting to catch up but it's taken a few days...Please go back to sleep!
Mom, I have to get up and kiss myself!

On the second nite we were here, we went on a dinner cruise. It was Michael's first one and for that ocassion he was able to sport a new outfit given from Aunt Jackie. Boy, she has good taste! We saw dolphins swimming in the bay, and a couple of manatees poking their noses up.Cruising the Marco Island harbour.
My stylin' outfit from Aunt Jackie!

The next day we went on an Eco Tour of Marco Island. Michael was a gem in his carseat as he was in it alot, and believe it or not he took a nap on the airboat!! Can you believe it? He loved the wind and being on the boat, those things are quite fun and amazing. What is even more amazing is that at the moment we had a break from the loud blades of the airboat, the cell phone rang. It was our travel agent saying she was able to get us a flight out on our preferred date, not having to leave a day early!! What an answer to prayer. This way John doesn't have to switch work again, and Michael doesn't need to be away from us a day longer. We are so happy about that. So now all we have left is to book a hotel in Almaty. I'm waiting to hear from the concierge about a possible discount for adopting. It's worth a shot!
Yes, he fell asleep!
I like airboat rides!


Jackie said...

Those are some great pics of all of you!! Oooohhh, I must say that Michael looks so cute in that outfit ;) Glad you had some good fun.

Ivy Lee said...

It looks like it was a great time with Jackie and Nola. I think Michael and Nola look awesome together. Handsome prince and beautiful babe!!!