Saturday, January 23, 2010

Cast pics and resuming activity

So here are promised cast photos. It was a busy few days trying to keep Michael still(ha), the best way was to put Michael in his carseat and drive somewhere with his foot propped up. Except for the fact that it was freezing rain and drizzle I would have done more of it. So we opted for more and more of Thomas the tank, don't spill the beans, and playdoh, along with a trip to the MOA amusement park and kiddie rides. Again, I can't thank Deb enough for taking care of Phoebe! I know mothering is tough with anyone that has a 2 year old, but even with the cast issues, it was almost like vacation taking care of one. I was much more patient, able to take time with Michael, and actually enjoyed his age group without feeling the pressure of having to meet the needs of another 2 year old, let alone the no boundary squabbling between the two. That's what drives me nuts. Yes, I know they will continue to fight, but at two, there is a certain mentality that doesn't tend toward peacemaking. It's all about ME!!! Now that I have them back it is nice to know the difference and to rethink how I have been parenting. I used to think twins would be great, but now all I have is empathy towards parents of multiples.

Enough about me, it was the sweetest thing when we picked up Phoebe from preschool. Michael missed her so much he went right up to Phoebe, grabbed her hand and led her to the car, holding her hand the entire way. It warmed my heart to see him so excited and delighted to see her! Phoebe must have missed him too since she actually allowed it, she doesn't like her hand to be held by Michael usually. So separation is a good thing for them but I was blessed to see how much they loved each other. Although it was nice being alone with Michael, I sure missed that little fireball!!

Michael is now almost back to normal activity. He is walking around
enjoying the noise his cast makes. And he is jumping on his trampoline. Yikes, not sure I'll tell the ortho wonder he is making Michael wear the cast longer than we originally thought, to our dismay. He keeps asking about a bath, and going swimming...I keep having to tell him later. He calls it his big OUWEE!


Lori said...

Poor little guy--that really is a big oweee for such a little guy! I love him holding Phoebe's hand!

Jackie said...

Michael looks so handsome in all the pics. I'm so happy all went well (except for that arrogant man!!). Don't forget to let folks sign Michael's cast ;) Maybe he will think that's cool!

That train set...Nola would be in heaven playing with that!

Here's hoping the next couple of weeks fly by.

Margaret and Tom said...

OH I agree, that train set looks fabo! He looks so grown up!!! What a little man he is!

Rachel said...

I love watching my kids love on each other...they really are best friends. You are so right about needing time apart. Now that they are both in preschool, they fight so much less!

So glad M is feeling better!!