Saturday, January 16, 2010

We LOVE Winter!!

Okay, not all the time but it has been absolutely beautiful here the past few days!! We took Michael out for his first cross country ski-he did fantastic! John and I were both impressed how he took to it, wasn't scared, didn't get frustrated but just wanted to do it! Skiiers were all smiles seeing him and very encouraging to him. We were able to work with Michael alone because Phoebe is trying out a new preschool to help me while Michael is in post op rehab... Today we went again and this time we took out our favorite shower present from a couple of years ago-the Chariot Carrier. We attached the skiis and away we went with 65 lbs of kiddos! It was a great, fun day and even Michael had to try it. We just love cross-country skiing and being outdoors, I couldn't believe how at 2 the kids still love that thing!


Jackie said...

You know, that looks super fun!! I think Michael might be a natural ;)

Lori said...

Oh my goodness...those little skis on his little feet are so cute!!!!!

Kami and Scott said...

Love it!!! All the snow in Ohio is gone except for a few little patches. Poor Kaleb has to play in those for now. Can't wait to move back to Minnesota. Great photos and I love that the stroller has skis, too. I didn't know they made those. I guess you can find anything!