Sunday, August 5, 2007

Scouting out the city...

It’s Sunday here and we went out to scout the city. Last nite we went to a friend of a friends house and had a good time singing, sharing our baby, and hearing encouraging words!!! Also, we met families who have adopted from Kazakhstan and compared our stories.
Today we went looking for hotels for when we come back to pick up a girl. We are amazed at where those who went before us have stayed. Our helper asked us, “how you find out about these hotels?” On the internet, I said, she said jokingly, quit looking at the internet! It seems no one knows where the streets these hotels are on. We were pleased to report we found a beautiful spot, not so expensive, where we can see the mountains, and not be caught in smog. She was also pleasantly surprised. And it was fun to get out on the town.
We’ve learned about how they get tickets here. The police stand at the side of the road and wave an orange flag when you’ve violated a law. You get out of your car and then you talk to them. So unlike the US, where you stay in your car or else you are searched with your back to the law enforcement. We don’t know if it’s us but everyone who has driven us except our taxi driver in Kyrgyzstan has gotten flagged. We can’t fully blame us as we are often in the back seat and the windows are tinted. We love the cultural education we are getting.
We found out all boys are shaved at 40 days as it is good luck and they also think that it makes the hair grow back thicker. We had wondered what had happened to our baby’s beautiful head of hair, and were told that it maybe fell out. We were relieved to stroke his head and find out that for sure his head was shaved from the stubble. It is starting to come back, faster in some areas than others. He’s still so adorable.
John has caught Montezumas on top of his viral crud. I have a cough and I think little Michael has caught it. He seems to be doing well however. Other than that we are doing well. We have our embassy appointment Monday at 3 pm and then we get to leave on Tuesday am. We miss our little puppies and our home and our friends. We can’t wait to see you all!!
Below is a picture of Michael’s first swim and his beautiful little faces


tarard said...

We (even Keyns logs in) really have enjoyed your advanture by this web site. Sorry to here John is feeling poorly.

Love Mom and Dad

Roxanne said...

Hi Gen and John,
I happened to be reading your last blog at around the time you would be at the embassy so I am praying for you right now and will be for your return trip! Can't wait to see you again and meet the famous "ET" aka Michael Ermek!


tarard said...

Have a Safe Trip home. Sorry about my spelling in the last comment.