Thursday, August 2, 2007

Our adventure continues

We made it to Almaty!!!! After a 4 hour hot car ride experiencing race car passes on the roadway, we got to our hotel. It is a far cry from the Almaty I visited in 1995. It has grown tremendously and is very cosmopolitan! There are still some interesting fumes in the air however. Even though the room costs us a nite the equivalent of a 4 nite stay at the Hilton, and we didn’t have much choice as all was full, we are relaxing and enjoying getting ready for the long trip home. John had a fever in this morning, and has developed a cough. He has slept most of the day. I have a sore throat and am very tired. We are only hoping our little one will stay healthy between the 2 of us.
We have the cutest little passport of him, John was cracking up at the baby passport that he has never seen before. G whipped it out at the border crossing. An adventure itself. We got to cut in front of everybody because we had our baby. Our little boy is so fantastic!!! He is sooo alert and curious, responsive, has the greatest giggle and biggest smile for us. He has taken to us tremendously and loves kisses, and hugs, and cuddling!!! He is also very smart and learning things very quickly. Like when he is hungry and sees us making a bottle he quiets right away. It has been so much fun learning his different crys, for a gas bubble to a wet diaper, to a give me some food!!! He adjusts well to the different surroundings and only complains a wimper when the “lab doctor” takes blood from him. Michael had to go to the SOS clinic to have his medical clearance exam. He is a flexible, happy, “talkaltive” little guy. He is easy to put down for sleep, and has gone to only waking once during the nite with an atomic diaper.
We have so enjoyed reading the comments and support from you all. We love to check our blog to see anything new. We found out about the 35W bridge today by 2 UPS pilots in the elevator of our hotel. They were admiring Michael. We were shocked and saddened by the event and praying no one we know was affected. Gen’s brother was the only one in her family that was in the city and he emailed to let us know he was okay
We hope to meet up with someone who knows a lady in our parenting class to give us a briefing on Almaty. The only thing we have left to do is to get the visa on Monday and then take off on Tuesday early am if all goes well!
As we were tired, we splurged on a 17 dollar hamburger, fries, and coleslaw. It was actually pretty good. We have yet to sample the gelato however. It looks fantastic!!


Kami and Scott said...

Hi Gen and John!
So happy to hear you made it to Almaty safe and sound. Sorry to hear you are not feeling well. Get better soon. And hurry home with that baby of yours. Blessings on your day. HUGS!

Linda said...

Hi John and Gen,

Ohhh, your little baby is just so cute and sounds so sweet! So glad that you got the cutest baby in the whole world! (it does seem like that when they're yours doesn't it!).

Can't wait to see him and hold him!

What time do you arrive on Tuesday. We got your car to Thorson's,but couldn't remember exactly what time to get you.

Hoping that the rest of your journey is relatively easy and that your strength holds

Love, Linda

Roxanne said...

Sorry you are not feeling well! I got sick in Guatemala when we went to pick-up Sarah and it is miserable to get sick away from home. I pray that Michael does not catch your cold. Those baby passports ARE pretty cute. Such an important document for such a little person!

We're praying for you!


Carmi said...

Hi John & Gen,

Will be praying that you all are feeling better soon and that Michael does not catch it from you. Michael is a beautiful boy and I am so glad all is going well in your trip. Have a blessed day!