Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Mr Green Waking Machine

Headed out the door of the orphanage.
Good Day, friends!!!
Well, we didn't get one of those who sleeps all nite but our medical instincts tell us that Mr Green Michael is having adjustment issues to the formula. Of course we gave him what they told us they were feeding him but his little tummy said nuh uh!!!
I made the mistake of having a good dose of coffee prior to sleeping so I was up anyway and the fumes in our room didn't help. He woke up with tummy pain every 1 1/2 hours last nite... we also miscaluculated the number of diapers he needed, he went through 10 today so it was off to the beta store again. The joys of parenthood. We haven't been scheduled much so today we were able to bond more with our son, He is being stubborn and is cautious about taking a bottle with John, I say they just have a conspiracy against me. We still have high hopes that he will sleep thrugh the nite as he just needed a little tummy time, some tummy drops, and a clean bottom, and he would drift off to sleep instantly. We had a great time celebrating at dinner with friends last nite and off we go tomorrow to Almaty to get Michael's visa. One more hoop to go through. It's been hot here, the locals keep telling us that Michael's feet are cold and we should put socks on him. His sweaty little body tells us otherwise...
We'll post more in a day or so!!
We're exhausted!!!


Dave said...

Gen & John,

When we got Sarah, she wanted nothing to do with me. Roxanne was the favorite. What we were told is that adoptive children pick one person to bond with then the other follows in a couple of weeks. I used to wait until Sarah wanted something and Roxanne was out of the room then I could be the big hero.

Dave for Dave and Roxanne

Dave said...


One quick piece of advice. I found the real way to tell if you have diapered the baby correctly is if you can still see the animals on the diaper when you are done.


Roxanne said...

It was good to get an update! If his caregivers have all been women, it may be a bit before he'll let Daddy feed him. He at least looks comfortable with John--Sarah screamed if Dave even looked at her! She did turn into quite a "Daddy's girl" in spite of their rough beginning. Dave wooed her with Chocolate and she is a confirmed chocoholic to this day. I pray you get some good sleep before you get jet lag again. It is about 1:30 am your time--sleep tight~Roxie

Mom to 2 Angels said...

Glad things are going well, he is a little doll. I hope his tummy adjusts soon.

Tapsalteerie said...

When we were there in March it was quite warm. Xander was like everyone there and cold ALL the time... he wore a heavy coat anytime we went outside. On the other hand, Beckett is like me and hot ALL the time. I would take him out in the lightest clothes I had and cover him in a light blanket. In Almaty some old Russian Granny stopped her car to yell at me in Russian that Beckett didn't have on enough clothes! It was a little shocking, but I stuck by my instincts and Beckett was just fine (and not sweaty and miserable!!).
I know that bone weary tiredness! I hear it goes away... eventually :) But it's all good really :)

Ruth said...

Gen and John
CONGRATULATIONS! God is so good. Thank you for the wonderful pictures and news. Michael is gorgeous.
James wants you to know that all is OK at the house - which he's been enjoying. He's looking after the plants and trees with extra care (even doing internet research on them) and taking great naps on the sofa. Anything else we can do for you?
I'll get to those baby clothes tomorrow with extra gusto now that I can SEE the little guy. Praying for sleep for you all three!

Laurie said...

Gen and John,

How exciting to get this update on your travels and your wonderful adoption. I can't imagine the excitement, exhilaration, and .....fatigue. Blessings to you on the continuation of your journey. So anxious to hear all the details and to get to know the little guy.


Kristy said...

Hi Gen & John! I don't know if you remember me as I only met Gen once at small group. It has been exciting to follow your journey online. I'll be praying for your travels...jet lag killed me (Korea-Spain-Argentina last month) and I didn't have a baby waking me up every few hours! It is also fun to hear about Kyrgyzstan...I have friends heading there in three weeks as CCC staff. Here in Argentina we just started a partnership with Kyrgyzstan to send students and staff to minister on the college campuses! Small world!

TheHappyNeills said...

just glancing at your blog, looking forward to reading more later....found it through the yahoo group. we're adopting through cwa, also!