Thursday, July 26, 2007

Consider the cost...

Our nieces and nephew!

As we consider all that's going to happen in the next 48-72 hours we are counting the costs. Not just monetarily but the costs of being in a family. Steven Curtis Chapman writes a beautiful song called "Consider the Cost" as it applies to our lives here on earth. But the sacrifice we entail to raise children and to remain in a family can never be valued. Even creating a family starts out heftily.
Natural Childbirth uncomplicate delivery 5000-12000, add a c-section 12000. Thank God for insurance!
An in vitro feritilization 35000-100000 depending on the no of cycles and that's giving you a 35% chance of viablility.
Domestic Adoption 15,000-25,000 not including if you need to take care of the birth mother and then she may change her mind.
International Adoption 35,000 to 45,0000 per child which may increase depending on the number of times you have to travel to the country.
All can bring the cost of heartache and sorrow, but we know it's worth it.

How much do we value a child? More than any monetary value.
Therefore we endure and look forward to the Joy and invaluable price of a child's smile!!!!
Gen's family in Florida July 2006

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