Sunday, July 29, 2007


We're here! We made it, no delays, no loss of luggage, and no problems at customs!!The only bummer was our video screens didn't work from Detroit to Amsterdam so we didn't get to track our progress with the little plane. John actually got his to work and he watched a hitchcock movie. Thanks for all the coverage. Today, after popping a melatonin to get us to sleep, it was 300 pm our time by the time we got to the hotel and ready for bed which was 400 am Kyrgyzstan time, and we slept so well from the pill we got up late for our 1000 am tourist appt. We slept like babies:)
We are staying at a place called Asia Mountains Guesthouse and it is a great deal, breakfast and a nice clean air conditioned room for 48 a nite. Well recommended to future travellers. John and I found it after doing a bit of research as the usual place to stay was booked up. We went into town first thing and exchanged some money and then went to the mountains for a little hike. FABULOUS!!! After that we went back to Bishkek and got hot while doing the tourist thing and walking around the government monuments and going to the museum. We found it interesting as there were a lot of Lenin statues and a bit on the revolution. We brought along those little battery operated fans and those kept us cool in the 95 degree weather, at least there was very little humidity.
So now we are ready to greet our little one but that is not till 9 am tomorrow. You know that song anticipation... We went swimming in the pool, or should I say dipping, it was a little cool as they don't heat it and it is not covered at night so it cools off. We will try a little borsht tonight at the guesthouse.
We are loving it here, and are feeling so blessed to be able to see this part of the world and a wonder that our son was born here!! We will get to meet with friends from our church tomorrow nite for dinner and share our new addition.
Can't wait till 9 am tomorrow!!!


Tapsalteerie said...

We're so excited for you!! I'm glad they've started doing a rest day before going to the orphanage as that was almost too much (landing at 6am, picking up the boys at 10am same day!!). Bishkek looks beautiful :)


SCmartins said...

I glad you made it safely and can't wait to see that little fellow! It hardly seems real that we were there 4 short months ago! Enjoy your baby!

Dave said...

Gen and John,

Thanks for blogging, we are so excited for you! It sounds like you have had a great trip. We will be waiting on the edge of our seats for you to finally hold little Michael. We can not help but remember the first times we held Sarah and Sam. This is truly a wonderful life changing time.

Waiting for your next post,
Dave and Roxanne