Friday, July 20, 2007

7 Days and Counting

Here we are, 7 days to the start of our fantastic journey, and I'm finally posting a blog for our friends and those interested about our story to pick up our first child. Born on Feb 23rd of this year, we will travel approximately 10,000 miles and 33 1/2 hours to meet and add to our family a little baby boy who was handpicked for us!! Who are we? We are John & Gen, along with our prancing papillons Tazzie and Sydney, dreaming about the children we will call our own.

We are going to Kyrgyzstan in 7 days to meet our BABY!! We first heard about him when he was just 2.5 months, and he was a whopping 7 lbs!! We're happy to report he's gained and at just past 4 months he is now 11 lbs.

We started the process back in September by attending an adoption orientation where we learned about attachment issues, adoption political correctness, and cultural sensitivity. All very interesting. We invited a social worker into our home in November to be scrutinized as approvable parents, and were written for a positive homestudy on Jan 8th, 2007. Just as we were filling out our paperwork, we decided to switch the country to adopt from, and finally got our paperwork in after being notarized and apostisealed sent on Jan 22nd, 2007 to be translated and legalized by the department of state and then the Kyrgyzstan embassy. Then we waited to hear about the child destined to be ours. On May 8th, we got a call and YAHOO, we had a little boy to consider! On May 11th, we decided to accept him and now just 11 weeks later, we are going to pick him up!!!


Jo Johnson said...

Woohoo, we are SO excited about this little man that we will soon get to meet. You two are going to be such wonderful and GODLY parents! And thank you for taking the time to start a blog site so that your friends and family can come along with you on this journey. We will continue to carry you on a blanket of prayers.........!
Jo Johnson

Carmi said...
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Terry said...

Wooooooooooooooooohoooooooooooo! We're so excited for you and cannot wait until Michael is at home in his new beautiful bedroom! Thanks for posting so that we can keep up with your activities. We'll be in prayer.
Love, the Stahls
p.s. Where are the dogs going?

Kami and Scott said...

Hi Gen and John!
We are over-the-moon for you! Can't believe you will soon be on a plane picking up your son! Give Michael and Kaleb all our love when you see them! Blessings on your trip. All our prayers....