Monday, July 30, 2007

What a Feeling!!!


We can't believe it, we are finally parents. Michael Ermek Collingham was presented to us July 30th, 2007 0915 Bishkek time. We can't express the joy we felt as we picked up our little boy for the first time. All the hard paperwork and waiting and worry, and the agonizing went away. He is ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!!!! We can't believe how remarkable he is. We are in awe of an incredible God who gave us this gift of a child. He just went down for his first nap very easily after his first bottle. We'll have to take him out in the middle of his nap cycle to pick up his formula and what the orphanage was giving to him. Enjoy these pictures as we enjoy our little son.


sara said...

Congratulations John & Gen!!! I get goosebumps just reading about what it was like to hold your baby! Your adventurous life continues! :) All the best to your family during your first few days together. I hope you get to experience the country and take home some of the culture. We'll be thinking of you and keeping you in our prayers! :) Sara & Eric Lee

Roxanne said...

We are so happy for you!!! I am glad that things are going well. He looks like a pretty happy, handsome little boy! We will continue praying for you as you travel with him.

Roxie & Dave

Jo Johnson said...

Hip Hip Hooray! I can't stop smiling.............!!

The Fees said...

What joy!!! As the tears roll down my cheeks with a heart swelling as it did when I held my first baby....Indeed a Great God!
With love and prayers. Can't wait to see you ALL!
Sean and Julie

The Fees said...

What joy!!! As tears roll down my cheeks with a heart swelling as it did the first time I held my first baby we rejoice with you! Indeed a Great God we serve to give such gifts to us. We can not wait to greet you ALL!!!!
Sean & Julie