Saturday, July 21, 2007

Who are we?

We are a couple in our 40's, one born in Minnesota & grew up in Washington, one born in the Philippines & grew up in Minnesota, and by the hand of God met in Alaska when both sets of parents had given up on us ever getting married. We both lived in Fairbanks and worked for awhile and finally settled back down in the midwest. We love the outdoors, we hiked 1100 miles of the Appalacian trail as part of our "year off" when we got married, have both travelled extensively, and now are ready to somewhat settle down with children. We love leading canoe trips up into the BWCA and of course we just love our dogs!!! We also are privileged to know a wonderful God & were blessed with going to the country where God's son walked this past March!!! Countries one or the other or both have been to include Ecuador, Kazakhstan, Nicaragua, Rwanda, China, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Mexico, Kenya, England, France, Australia, Panama, Israel, Phlippines, Costa Rica, and of course our neighbor Canada. What did we do there? Some tourism, but mostly to tend to the needy, do mercy and visit the widows & orphans in their distress. WE are so excited now to add to our visited country list Kyrgyzstan, pronounced kear-gis-stawn', in Central Asia.

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