Monday, May 12, 2008

Baby Dedication, Mom's Day and Papa & Nana come to town

Phoebe modeling her new outfit!
I love my new outfit!
This might be a long one so sit down, have a drink, and relax...
First I have to say that I have had a huge scare today. My first child(who is really my furbaby) Tazzie, decided to have an adventure of his own. I had just dropped off Papa and Nana at the airport and decided to go see my sister. Her kids had just been outside playing and came running to greet us. I usually bring my furbabies and kids to visit. We were in my sister's house and my little 4 lb dog Sydney came up to me with a funny look. For some reason it made me go check the back sliding door, it is often left open with her kids going inside and out. It was wide heart started to race as my Tazzie is not car smart and they live by a busy road and some bad drivers like to tear down their road at 45 mph...I started sobbing as I became frantic looking and yelling his took a few minutes of my yelling his name, my sister coming out with her kids holding my sobbing boy and helping me look. Luckily she wasn't hysterical and was able to see him down the street across the road...we were so blessed, a school bus had just raced by me and he was on the sidewalk not too far...but it made me thankful that he was not hurt and still my first little Sydney was a Lassie and came and told me something was amiss...I couldn't imagine life without my Taz nor the thought of him getting run over...he has been through so much with me...I also scalded my thigh, Miss P still likes her formula warm so we bring a thermos of hot water with us and I spilled it on my lap pouring it onto her bottle...what a day, I made it home safe at least...
Now for the title matter:)
My first Mom's Day was a hit! I could do that again many times!! My little babies gave me the gift of sleeping through Mother's Day brunch and we could sit and eat in peace! I have great, thoughtful children:) I didn't have to cook, my husband gave me the perfect card, and 2 begonia plants for my porch plantars as well as a reed diffuser! I just love him!! My sister also surprised me with a shawl and new water bottle, too much fun!! I got a nice soft robe from my inlaws and Michael likes it too! I do have to admit though that as a Mom, you are kind of too busy to really enjoy the day as I thought I would. It is much easier to dream about it from the other side:) I did think of my babies birth mothers however, and even though they don't celebrate in Kyrgyzstan, it still was a huge gift from them to me, and I prayed for them that day as well as cried a little.
I'm a Mom!!!
Then little Phoebe had her baby dedication. I love the way they do Baby Dedication so much at our church. So much so that I am going to share what they do.
The parents line up with their children to be dedicated and we stand in front of the congregation. The pastor does a little explanation of what we are doing and how much children mean to us, and then we answer this series of questions:
1) Do you recognize these children as the gifts of God and give heartfelt thanks for God's blessing?
2) Do you now dedicate your children to the Lord who gave them to you all, surrendering all worldly claims upon their lives in the hope that they will belong wholly to God?
3) Do you pledge as parnets that, with God's fatherly help, you will bring up your children in the discipline and instruction of the Lord, making every reasonable effort, with patience and love, to build the word of God, the character of Christ and the joy of the Lord into their lives?
4) Do you promise to provide, through God's blessing, for the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual needs of your children, looking ot your own Heavenly Father for the wisdom, love and strength to serve them and not use them?
5) Do you promise, God helping you, tomake it your regular prayer that by God's grace your children will come to trust in Jesus Christ alone for the forgiveness of their sins and for the fulfillment of all his promises to them, even eternal life, and in this faith follow Jesus as Lord and obey his teachings?
Our congregation also says AMEN to these with us as we believe that as a children are not only cared for by their parents but by the fellowship of believers.
After these questions the pastor comes and gives our babies a blessing, we get a rose and certificate, and the pastor prays for us after each child's individual blessing. I put Michael's pictures also as he was dedicated last fall. It made for the icing on the cake for Mother's Day!
There were 8 babies dedicated during our service and 45 total in our church that day
Phoebe Rachel, together with your parents who love you dearly and this people who care about the outcome of your faith, I dedicate you to God, surrendering together with them all worldly claim upon your life in the hope that you will belong wholly to the Lord, forever. And all the people said, "AMEN!"
Phoebe's Dedication Family
Trying to keep Michael quiet!
Michael's dedication-Sept 07
Michael Ermek, together with your parents who love you dearly and these people who care about the outcome of your faith, I dedicate you to God, surrendering together with them all worldly claim upon your life in the hope that you will belong wholly to the Lord, forever. And all the people said, "AMEN!"
Michael's Dedication Family
I also included glimpses of Papa and Nana's visit, we were so lucky to have them here for Phoebe's special day and Mom's Day! WE love you!!!
The Collinghams minus me
We love Papa!
Phoebe loved this!
Papa rubbed her on his head and she giggled-a rare thing for our little girl!
Happy Birthday Nana!


Mom to 2 Angels said...

Sounds like you had a great Mothers Day. Glad your furbaby is ok. I can relate to that panic when you think they might be in the street. P's baby dedication pics are so sweet. Our church only does it yearly. We missed it last year b/c we were out of town and will be out of town again this year! AP will just have to be dedicated in our hearts:)

Jackie said...

Thanks for explaining the baby dedication. It sounds like a wonderful and touching ceremony.

I know how relieved you are about Tazzie. Those furbabies are so special.

All the pics are great and it sounds like your first Mother's Day was a hit.

Caryn said...

The pics are great! We dedicated Carysse (Michael's little friend :) on Mother's Day too. We were at the Downtown campus. You and I both dedicated our baby girls on our 1st Mother's Day with them. Carysse just turned 1 on Thursday. Praise Jesus for these precious gifts.

Rachel said...

I'm so glad you had a great first Mother's Day! Love the dedication pics and her little outfit. We missed baby dedication this year (it was right before we got Scarlett), so we will do a private ceremony at our house along with her 1 year birthday. That's what we did for Alex too (except it was his 2 year birthday).