Sunday, May 4, 2008

The many hats of Phoebe

So one day when it was freezing cold outside last week, they said we were supposed to have snow yesterday but thank God we didn't, I got a wild hair and thought I'd try to get Phoebe to model her hats for me...I'll have to post how many shots it took to get the last one but that'll have to be later...
Anyway, take your vote and let me know which is your favorite. I think that maybe I like the hats more than Phoebe does but she is a good sport and generally wears them for me. She is such a sweet baby when she isn't vocalizing her dismay at things!
On the more serious side however, I've been thinking about Mother's Day. It took me 43 years to realize my dream of motherhood. Of course the first 3 didn't really count but 40 is alot of years. It made me think of all the women who have longed to be a mother for a very long time and either because of infertility, miscarriage, wanting to be married, or because they are stuck in the process of adopting, it still hasn't happened. This makes Mother's Day very, very painful, and very, very, lonely. As I look forward to celebrating my first real Mother's day- I can't really count last year even though I knew about Michael but he wasn't legally ours, and anything could have happened to prevent that-I want to say to those waiting who have visited my blog that I remember you, think of you, and pray for you! My heart has felt many of the emotions that you are feeling this week, and also more. I lost my biological Mom 8 years ago now and that along with the pain of being without a child in my arms was some of the most painful & solitary times of my life. I weep with you and anticipate with you. I trust in a God who knows what's best for you and that is the hope that kept me going during those days. May you be blessed with a lovely day, celebrating all the things you have in your life, and do not be discouraged, though the tears may flow at night, joy does come in the morning, however long it takes that morning to get there. May your cup be half full, and may you wear a smile on your face that day which beams with thankfulness that you have had a Mom to love you! Happy Mother's Day to you!!
Bucket hat
Kyrgyz Hat
Michael's hat
Kyrgyz beret(it has a matching purse and vest for when she gets bigger)
Stocking Hat
Sun hat
Matching Hat
Crocheted Hat
Flower Hat


janiece said...

I LOVE the flower hat--although they are all adorable.
I second what you said about Mother's Day. It is definitely a day of mixed emotions.

Hilary Marquis said...

THE FLOWER HAT!!! I wish I could get Anara to wear a headband or hat. As soon as she left the orphanage she decided that she no longer HAD to wear a hat, so she won't. I am lucky to get a clippie in her hair. I third what you said about Mother's Day. I spent a few years crying in the ladies room at church during the Mother's Day service. I attended only for my own mother's sake, and it was torture. God does have a plan, but it is still hard to be patient. I'll be joining you in praying for those who are hurting. And in praying for the birthmom's of our children that they may find peace.

Jamie said...

First...thanks for the sweet and thoughtful post. I am amazed at how much your life has changed in a year! I am praising god with you, but my heart aches for people int he situations you described.

Now, hats! How can you choose? Even better than the hats are the many faces of Phoebe...she is sooo expressive. She must have such a personality! I like the Kyrgyz hat..mostly b/c of her sweet little face in it!

Jackie said...

What a sweet post, Gen. I ditto what you said about Mother's Day. I also cannot believe that I am finally a mom and getting ready to experience my first special day.

As for the hats...I cannot pick. I love them all. I do like the first one - I think that her tongue sticking out is just so cute.

Oh, please tell me - where did you find that beret/purse/vest ensemble? I want to see if I can get Noli her very own :) x

Grandpa&Grandma said...

Nana likes the flower hat while Papa likes this sun hat. See you soon.

Mom to 2 Angels said...

I love the flower hat, but honestly P looks adorable in all of them! Happy Early First Mothers Day. My heart, too, goes out to those who long for motherhood but for some reason are not there yet. Especially, those who have referrals half way around the world and are already their "mother", but just can't be with them yet.

Margaret & Tom said...

Oh it's so hard to pick! I love the flower hat though :) it is my favorite....She is cute in ALL of them. Happy Mother's Day to you Gen! This is a wonderful post and sooo true about what a painful day it can be. Even though Milana won't be in my arms this mother's day, knowing she will be soon makes me smile, and I am anticipating a very happy Mother's day next year, just like you are doing this year!

Rachel said...

CUTE CUTE CUTE!! I'm gonna go with the Beret, just because it's so different. The flower hat is a close second.

Nice blog, Gen. I may have to steal it!

Scott, Kami, Miranda & Valentina said...

How cute. I love the different faces that go with each hat. Very fun!!