Saturday, May 24, 2008

Day to Day and Orphans...

I'm having a hard time posting lately, been caught up in the day to day things-trying to keep up with 2 little ones, finally breaking down over the mess of the house I have. John had just finished working 7 days in a row, then the next day I find out because he was doing an extra shift just doing stress tests that he goes in hour early(even on the days he works at the ER) to have breakfast by himself in peace-I find this out because the HUC calls and tells me that his first stress test is cancelled, so I went to meet him for a breakfast date with the kids. He tells me, oh, I already had breakfast-and the waiter said, "back for the second round?" Now, I was pretty cool about it, why not-it would be great to have some time for yourself. Later, I fumed about it-wouldn't it be nice if, oh, I'm just going to take off so I can get time to myself-leave the kids to themselves and take care of them. We had already had this discussion as we have both worked for many years that it easier to go to work than to stay home and parent fulltime-why? because you are not on all the time, even at the busiest days at work, you have freedom to take down time, and you work at your pace and not at the pace of your childrens. This was not what I wanted to hear after a hard 7 straight days of parenting, picking up after company, and just overwhelmed with what I wished life would be. Organized, everything in it's proper place, dinner at the table at the right time, all my housework and outside work done, get my decorating ideas accomplished...yeah, an impossibility with two needing diapers, needing to be fed, and just played with, and a husband who is gone from either 7am-9pm or 4pm-8am on the days he works. Thank God, my husband told me his priority was not that our house was a palace, but a place where his kids and I were happy. That's why I love him soooo much. I had to help him swallow that, yes, picking up after himself would help help make me it's back to normal happy self, and letting go of the idols of surface things that I think would make me happy. It's good to know that the people I know with these well kept homes are often some of the most discontent people I know, and the happiest ones are those that just go with the flow. I have to find the right balance for myself and make sure my family is doing well, and that I feel like I can function optimally. Right now, the messy house is doing me by day to meet my goals... maybe some quality sleep sometime...and a chance to eat breakfast, go the bathroom, and take a bath by myself:)
spring at last!
outfit from aunt Jackie
I like this green stuff!
yup, puppies go poopy too!
Let's get this show on the road!

I did find my camera however and can share the 1st outside spring pictures-the ones where my babies brought in the ticks. We also got a little surprise the other day. A kitty-who John almost ran over at the end of our driveway one night...he came in, then went to leave a bowl of milk for the little one. Well, that little one snuck into our garage, John went to open the door to the garage the next am, and I hear this loud meowing...he came in looking sheepish...the kitty must have snuck in as I found the bowl of milk today while sweeping out the garage...I went to look at this noisy thing and there was this teeny weeny ball of fur...the first thing I notice is that it has something wrong with it's eye, of course I felt so sorry for it that I immediately came in and said I'm taking her to the vet. So off I went. John and I decided it would be an outside cat...only to find out later that this poor little thing was only 2 1/2 weeks old, too young to be away from it's mother, we couldn't even tell if it was a boy or a girl, and I would have to stimulate it to help it pee and poop, and it should almost be bottle we are in a quandary...she can't be outside since we need to keep it warm, it still gets down to the 40's at night...we have to give her tlc or she'll pass we have asked some of our cat loving friends if they might adopt this poor orphan...meanwhile we haven't named it...and of course are trying not to get attached...we are just softies I know it-we really aren't cat people and it doesn't help for my goal of a cleaner house...
Poor orphan kitty with conjunctivits
Phoebe meets kitty
please don't make me sneeze!
Michael says, are you kidding me?
We didn't teach her this, she did it herself and the kitty thought it was great...natural mommy...


janiece said...

Gen you have so much comapny with the parenting and spouse issue. I'm so glad to hear I'm not the only one. The house drives me nuts too--but I've gotten to the point if I can find the important stuff and the kids are fed, clean, and dressed--life is good. Ted tries--but he just doesn't see the house the same way I do. Or the way the kids act or the fact that mommy needs her own timeout--preferably at a spa! My own mom reassures me it will get better. Of course, she's been known to fudge the details! :) They look absolutely adorable--and the kitty looks so sweet. By the way--3 cats and 2 dogs here in our little house--and the dogs aren't small! If you get attached--it will work out! I promise.

Maria said...

I typed a LOVELY comment and realized I wasn't logged in as ME but as Kevin and lost it. Anyway.. again. You have to keep the kitty; Phoebe is attached to it. What's a clean house???? :-) We got here and your things are here with us. If we know when your friends are coming, we'll try to be here. If not, we can leave them at the desk if you'll give me the name! Tomorrow is "Meetcha Day"

Mom to 2 Angels said...

That pic of Phoabe picking up the kitty is so CUTE! I understand your frustration about keeping the house at least presentable. I can let it go for days at a time and then I explode and make everyone clean for the entire day! It does get easier as the kiddos get older, though. Then they can at least help out and don't require so much undivided attention.

Margaret & Tom said...

Gen your blog entry made me smile :) Next thing you know I will see Phoebe picking up Michael just like that, she may be small but she is very mighty :) By the way they both looked adorable as they gathered the ticks to bring inside...that Michael is just so handsome, he is going to be a heartbreaker for sure.

One of us Dragonfryes said...

Terry Stahl gave us your blog telling us about your cute little kitty. My boys have been saving up for a baby kitty and if you decide you really need a home for it we will take it.No need to pay for nutering it.The boys would help with that.

Do you go to Bethlehem Baptist in Burnsville?I had some friends dedicate their little ones on Mother's Day.The Johnons dedicted Marcus and Zoe (adopted from Ethiopia) and The Klejwa's dedicated their baby Jennie.

Congratulations on the homecoming of your little girl! What a beautiful family you have!

Tina Frye

Crazy mom said...

How fun. I found your blog. A friend of mine found your blog through a friend of hers and she saw us on your baby dedication picture (did you follow all that). She emailed me with your blog address. Now I have another blog to read :)

Barb (and Chris) from church

Nikki said...

Haven't checked your blog in awhile (I made the design awhile back) but just did and saw that your daughter is home- congratulations!! SHe is adorable!

Pamela said...

Honestly, I'm soooooo glad to hear of your dirty house woes, Gen. My house is in utter disarray...and my baby isn't even home from Kyrgyzstan yet. Just me and the two big black dogs making a mess. Today, I felt really lousy and took the day off from work. Instead of resting, I spent the day trying to clean out and organize my office/spare room. Still needs a lot of work, but its way better now than what it was at 7:00 this morning.

Hang in there, Gen. You're already sounding like super-mom to me!


Rachel said...

I LOVE that last pic!! Oh my gosh, poor kitty!! And my house is a total disaster right now...has been since coming home with Scarlett. I just can't seem to get it in order. Darren is golfing...once he's home I'm outta here! We're also in the midst of potty training and that TOTALLY SUCKS!!