Monday, July 14, 2008

CWA Picnic

Greetings from North Carolina! I finally figured out how to get on the internet in my hotel room so now I can post some of those CWA Kyrgyzstan faces! I had a wonderful time meeting the families that I met in cyberspace and have emailed. Like someone else said, it's like you know these people personally! I wish I could have spent more one on one time, getting to know the children and the families, but time was short, M wasn't feeling the best, and it was hot!! So we all hope to see you again next time! We were joined by some of the embassy officials and some visitors from Kyrgyzstan. This will be short. I want to get some rest, we've been out and about touring the NC area, what a great place to visit! Way too much to do! For now enjoy some of the pics I took, if any of the picnicers have some great shots, please, please share!
CWA Kyrgyzstan families, I would say half of them there didn't get to the photo spot on time:(
Jamie and McKenzie
Z and Phoebe
Z, M, P, C and AP
Kaleb & Michael they were born a week apart and were in the same baby house
Lori, Shea and Beckett
Esther, Aliya, and her brother
P and Aliya
Jerret and JJ
the Stephanie and Mark and AJ with CWA president
Clare,Jimmy, Ann, & Maggi
Andrea and AP


Mom to 2 Angels said...

You did a great job getting pictures of everyone! I didn't do nearly as well, I'm going to have to steal some of yours! :)

Jackie S said...

Thanks for sharing. I wish I could've crashed the party to meet all the other Kyrgyz kids and their families. I especially would have loved to see you :)

Glad you had a wonderful time!!!

Hilary Marquis said...

Looks like a blast! Love Phoebe's outfit/hat :) Have fun!

Margaret & Tom said...

Wow what great pictures. I love seeing all the kids, and especially since I have trouble keeping up with all of the blogs :)
They are all soooo adorable :)
Looks like a beautiful day too!

Jamie said...

Love the pictures! The boys looked so cute in their matching looks! It was awesome to finally meet you- sorry we didnt have more time to talk. Hopefully we can try again soon!

Jes said...

Looks like so much fun!!!

SCmartins said...

You have an awesome family! I love all your pictures! I might have to steal some as well! :)

Rachel said...

Like I posted on Jamie's blog, I SOOO wish I could have been there! I say we host a yahoo picnic at Disney next year (or this year if you are heading down anyway). Who's with me?!

Ivy Lee said...

I love Michael's new big boy haircut and the picnic looked like a blast. I wish the picnics were inter-agency. It would so cool to see all the families together.

Leslie said...

Wow those are some gorgeous babies!!!! Your daughter is adorable!!!!!