Sunday, July 6, 2008

Fourth of July

Good Morning, Michael!
Good Morning, Phoebe!

Fourth of July was special this year! Having our kiddos home meant alot to us. One very important part means that my kids are free from a life of poverty or uncertainty had they remained in the orphanage. Now they have tremendous opportunities availed to them. We thank God that He chose them to be with us. The uncanny things are that both Michael and Phoebe have markings that are identical to ones I have on my body, a mole on the same shoulder, and a birthmark in the sameplace!
I never really realized how much I love America and how much freedom means to me. I myself was born in a 3rd world country, and had my parents not immigrated to the US, my life would have been totally different. Here in America, if you work hard enough, you can make something of your life, and there are tremendous opportunities for those who choose to take the challenge. What saddens me is that the majority of 8th graders in this country do not even know what the Declaration of Independence was, and what it stands for(from the Bradley scholars). There are many Americans who do not like America. There is also an increasing population of entitlement, I deserve this for free, I need this, and I need it now. No longer is there a hard work ethic in many of our population. People think Europe is so much better with all the goodies they get, never mind that they have to wait for things(although that would be a great lesson for many Americans), ie an adoption homestudy there takes 2-3 years, and yes, the government decides what type of healthcare you will receive at the government's pace. How would you like to pay 45-55 percent of your salary in taxes? I'd love to see all Americans write their own tax checks instead of having it withdrawn from their paychecks, I'm sure it would cause a riot! Also, Europeans do not have the space we have to live here and the beautiful huge parks to enjoy, and the many freedoms we have here because we are so privileged to live in America. I wonder how many of the patriotic songs children even know the words to! All that fourth of July to them is fireworks and a day off of work-may my children never feel this way! So we set out to make it a special day, playing our American songs, putting flags up, and making a specially decorated cake!
We had the all American 4th dinner, barbequed, and in abundance! Our founding forefathers brought many blessings to this country, because they chose to sever themselves from a stifling, religious killing, overbearing government!
Fourscore and seven years ago...
Phoebe in her 4th dress from Aunt Jackie!
Boy, we are Patriotic!
Fourth of July greetings from the Collingham clan!
Kiddos with their Aunt and Uncle in the courtship chair!
I love corn!!
Fourth of July dessert!!!


Mom to 2 Angels said...

Your cake looks fantastic! Looks like you had a great 4th.

Maria said...

Imagine my surprise when I saw Phoebe wearing the same dress I got for Ellie to arrive at the airport in!! :-) It's good to see it modeled by such a beautiful little girl. Now I know that it will be darling on our little one as well! You guys look like you had a blast!

Margaret & Tom said...

Oh my, what a great post! Glad you had a wonderful 4th. It is a great day to celebrate. Our trips to Kyrygzstan this year has only made our love for American and our freedoms and oppurtunities here stronger as well!

Rachel said...