Thursday, July 31, 2008

Gotcha Day Pictures

Here are pics from the big event. We treated it just like a birthday except everyone sang Happy Gotcha! M's cousins and adopted Guatemalan friends had a great time as we did too!
the spread at Chuck E Cheese
I copped out and bought a cake, Michael loves CARS
He came to the party asleep
Phoebe was up and at em
Phoebe must have ridden the merrygoround 10 times!

Phoebe says yeah!!! When is it my turn?


Jackie S said...

What a fabulous party. Love all the pics!!!!

Happy First Gotcha Day, Collinghams :)

Rachel said...

There's nothing like a giant rat to say, "Welcome to America" huh?

Margaret and Tom said...

Oh Chuckie Cheese, Yeah! Michael looks like he had a wonderful time! I bet both kids slept fabulously that night...Now I see that is a white shirt and cute denim capris :) sooo adorable!

Jamie said...

Wow! What a party! I had to laugh at Rach's comment about a giant rat! Soon you will be able to post him and the BIG cheese! Looking forward to your visit.