Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Gotcha Day Details

Our new baby!!

I promised more info on Gotcha Day so here is. 2 weeks ago the Kyrgyz Parliament decided that they were going to have a new national holiday, and of course it fell on our Gotcha day! They call it Revolution Day, it was a day they had a peaceful protest to oust the president in 2005. So we were still able to get our girl, but we didn't get to leave until 10:30 am. It was a beautiful 68 degree day and the sun was out!! It only took about 50 minutes to get to the orphanage and we were relatively unbothered by the drive, it was the same driver we had for Michael. That was really special for us:) We met with the orphanage director, and with no further ado got to meet our baby for the first time!! Of course, it was about noon at that time and the little one was eating!!! They kicked me out for a few minutes as she was getting too distracted to finish when she saw me. Poor John had to wait outside, they only let me in first!! The Hallaways were with us and took some wonderful photos for us, and it got them nervous for their turn but also really excited. Anyway, after a few minutes she was done and we finally got to hold her!! She is a peanut. She drowns in 3-6 month clothes so having that same experience with Michael I brought her 3 month clothes:) I got to dress her with the help of her caretaker, she cried and I felt so bad. I was worried at first that she wasn't going to take to us but alas, just like Michael she doesn't like to get dressed, especially in long sleeves. We got to have a look at some of the other babies, and then it was off. It was great, we met John and his wife Julie, Canadians who work with orphans in Kyrgyzstan and readily offer assistance to us adoptive parents. They are wonderful people with wonderful hearts and it was quite an honor. We wished we could have spent more time with them but we needed to pick up Vayla, their daughter. We said goodbye to the orphanage director who thought Michael was our biological child, we were proud to tell her that Michael was also from Kyrgyzstan!
We went to the orphanage where Vayla was, it was out in the country. As soon as we pulled up, she went running to meet them with tears!!! She had been waiting for almost 2 years to be adopted and she was so afraid she never would be. It was so incredibly wonderful to watch her, she has a very kind heart, upon leaving she ran to get her blanket she had been given by the Hallaways and went to give it to her teacher. The teacher came to see her off and there tears in his eyes, another tear jerker!!!
Then it was off to the hotel again, we didn't get back until almost 3 and had a bite to eat.
Then it was Dianne's turn!! Her baby was at the orphanage Michael was at and I asked if I could go and see his caregivers and show pictures of how he was doing! I was blessed with a Yes answer!! I was so happy. Watching Dianne pick up Julia brought back wonderful memories of that day back in July, and it was really an honor to watch her get her daughter!! Her daughter was in the same area Michael was in and it was really neat to see it in the light where I wasn't so distracted, to take pictures of his empty crib, and talk to his caregivers. They were sooo delighted to see pictures of him and how his club foot was healed. It made me cry and made them happy. It has been such a privilege to be an adoptive mother. John has been so proud all day!! All of our families are so greatful to God for his provision in granting us these very, very special children.
We went back and celebrated by ordering 3 pizzas, at the tune of 8 American dollars!
The Kyrgyz Babes!
Celebrate Good Times!!


Margaret & Tom said...

Your Gotcha day sounds absolutely wonderful, congratulations again. The pizza looks great, you have to let us know where you got it, sounds like a bargain! God is so good I am so happy that these children all have loving families now!

Hilary Marquis said...

Oh Gen! You made me cry again! I remember seeing Anara for the first time there just like it was yesterday. I can't wait to talk to you when you get home! God Bless

Carmi said...

Gen, Thanks for sharing such a wonderful post with us all. I love, love, love gotcha day stories! How wonderful to be able to show the caretakers at Michael's orphanage how well he is doing now.