Saturday, March 29, 2008

Hanging Out

Don't like the computer
It is now Saturday night and one less day to stay here. We had a restful day. It has been really hard for all of the families to have to stay this long in Kazakhstan. We are thankful to do it in one trip but boy this time in Kaz drags on. So we got up late, ate a hearty breakfast, it's really neat to see a real honeycomb to get your honey, and laid around. John went to work out in the spa, and I did laundry. They even have a laundry line in the bathtub here! We are still trying to get our 3rd family here who were not able to get a reservation like we did and they are staying at the Hotel Kazzhol. They say that their room is nice, however, there are a lot of Brits there and they are loud at night, and the waft of smoke comes into their otherwise clean room. We are going to keep trying. They told us that they are full however, they offered to change our room for the broken shower line tonight, so is it really full?
We took a walk to Silk Way City to meet the Hallaways who are staying at the Kazzhol where there is a grocery store and a shopping mall, and it is halfway between the 2 hotels. We had some sampling of the Kaz version of the American "king burger" and Kami and her daughter said they would be safe and order a hot dog. You can see their reaction below. They made it into a hot dog whopper.
I dig my shades
King Burger
Delicious, not!!
Then we came home and we all took a nap. We ventured down to the spa and went swimming. Phoebe was not that thrilled. She did however enjoy modeling her new swimsuit. Then I gave her a bath and she screamed the whole time. She will not be a waterbug like her brother.
First Dip!
That's my Dad
I can almost sit up!!
We are still having problems with the crib. She moves around so much that she bangs her head on the rails and wakes up. Last night at 2 am she did this and I had to get up and rock her to sleep, we have definitely learned her pain cry.
Drat those rails!
She is beoming more fussy about things as we continue to learn about her. She decided that she only likes the Dr Brown bottle I brought, and she prefers her milk warm. Thanks to all the families that went ahead of us and finding out that their babies liked their milk warm prepared me to bring a little electric bottle warmer. It is the first years one and works like a charm. We are enjoying our little sweet pea. She has John wrapped around her finger!
Even though she's busy...
I think she's adorable!


Margaret & Tom said...

I love all the pictures but especially the one in the carrier with the shades! Too cute! Will make notes re: the bottle warmer, good to know! The hotel pool/spa looks awesome, looks like Phoebe took to the water, I am surprised she likes it already! She looks so big with her facial expressions and things she does and then when I look at the pictures of her with you and John she looks so tiny too! She is going to be a firecracker for sure! I hope you are home soon! Be safe.

L&T said...

Phoebe is so adorable!! Seeing your posts makes us SO excited about our upcoming months! God bless you guys!
Lisa S, Saint Cloud

Jackie said...

Adorable, she certainly is :) That bathing suit is so cute!!

Do they have any other cribs besides that one???

Hilary Marquis said...

I dig the shades too! She is just so adorable I can't wait to meet her!

Rachel said...

I LOVE the last pic with her rosy cheeks :) And Scarlett likes the Dr. Browns bottles the best too. I'm going to get her some more.

Maria said...

Again, great tips on the bottle warmer! Phoebe is so petite and so cute, but she just looks like she's having the grandest of times!!