Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Our 2 Children

Wow, we can't believe in less than a year we were a family of us and 2 dogs. What a difference 8 months can make!! And our children are 8 months apart. Life couldn't be sweeter. I couldn't resist putting up these pics of the babies shortly after pick up, can you believe the resemblance? What a work of God's Hands!!
Phoebe March 2008
Michael July 2007-at the same age!

Then, I just had to add more of our mischievous daughter. John said she rolled across the hotel room floor, crawled to her toys, and had him on his toes while I went to the orphanage with Dianne and her Dad! It's amazing someone so tiny can move so much. She likes to do flips while we are changing her, nice for when she is messy!!
Little Trouble!
Going for the edge!

I also had to share our son's Easter away from us!! But he is in a welled loved family with well loved friends. I can't wait until next year when we are all together:)
The Stahl plus Michael family!


Margaret & Tom said...

Hi Gen and John! The resemblance between your two children is amazing! Phoebe sounds like she is so strong and she is just as happy as a clam now that she is in your arms. I love the pictures of her in the striped hat, soooo cute! I'm glad Michael is doing well and had a good Easter with the Stahl's! Take care, thanks again! Margaret

Rachel said...

I tried to comment earlier but I don't think it took. Anyway, the resemblence IS pretty amazing! And I love the fact that Scarlett has the exact same pink and gray sweater from Old Navy...one of my many purchases :)

Lisa B and Family said...

How amazing to have those photos so similar! What a gift for those two to have each other. I am so happy for you all.