Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Moving Mountains

So this is my 3rd post for the day. I better do it while I can and while I have it fresh in my memory. Today started with meeting all the new kiddos that people have adopted down in the Silk Road Hotel Breakfast Buffet. Besides, us, the Reids, and the Halloways, Kevin and Ashley adopted Isabella, and another couple had a little boy. I'll have to get pics and post tomorrow.
On the Road again!
We then went to the Beta store and did some shopping! There is a North Face store there and you can buy what normally cost 300 in the states for 50 dollars. No textile or shipping fees or American mark up. John had a good day there:)

Then we took a trip to the mountains!! Adopting is like moving mountains!! You would not believe the details and the things that have to happen in order for this to happen. The hard labor of love involved, as well as the heartaches, worry, court hearings, proper legal foreign documents, US homeland security paperwork!! We just got done filling out our final paperwork for the embassy, hopefully, all will go smoothly, and we will leave after our 3:30 Embassy appt in Kyrgyzstan on Thursday the 27th for Almaty! Please pray for us during these times:)
Family minus 1 & furbabies
Phoebe's first hiking trip!

Phoebe's adoption was an incredible miracle, and on hearing her story we knew that only God's hand was involved. I loved Momto2Angels quote on her blogspot about how children brought home across the miles is absolutely Incredible and a work of God!
Looking at the Kyrgyz mountains reminded me that we are just a moment in eternity and a work of God's hands. We had a wonderful time enjoying the beauty of our children's homeland.
Gorge"ous" View
Our Happy Families!

We are all pretty tired, tomorrow we are taking a down day and hopefully get some naptime in as well as get some Kyrgyz goods to take home. And we get to visit with some friends from home!


Margaret & Tom said...

Wow the mountains are gorgeous, we will have to try to go up there next time. Phoebe looks so tiny in perspective to the grand mountainous scenery. I am so glad you are enjoying yourselves and that you are with so many nice people who are also adopting.

Jackie said...

I am just catching up on these posts. Thanks so much for all the updates. I wish I was there!!!

Phoebe looks wonderful and she is gonna be 'little trouble' allright. On the go already :)

The pics of both of them is just amazing...they really share quite a resemblence. That's a great shot of Micheal with the Stahl's.

I'm sooooo happy to hear that all is going well. ENJOY.

Miss you x