Sunday, March 23, 2008

Off to Kyrgyzstan!!!

Ready, Set, Crawl to Kyrgyzstan!
One last pic as a family of 3(minus the 2 puppies)
Here at Starbucks, Istanbul
Trio Rendezvous

March 22, 2007

So here we sit at Starbucks at the Istanbul airport. We are waiting to rendezvous with our last family of the travelling trio. The Hallaways met up with us in Minneapolis and are transferring their luggage. Apparently their airport wouldn’t let them check their bags all the way through… The Reids are coming from London and we haven’t met them yet. We have a 4 hour layover until we get on our flight to Bishkek. I forgot that these airports actually had a water closet, you think you going into one and then it opens up into a bigger bathroom, kind of like a hidden room. I love these gems of travel.
It’s unbelievable how fast time went in the last 2 weeks. It was good and bad. Good that the extra week didn’t seem like anything, bad in that resulted in about 3 hours sleep in the last 48 hours before take off. All the things I wanted to get done didn’t get done, but spending time with Michael was the best thing for me and him. We were rewarded with his first crawling steps the day before we left!!! John was soo proud It’ll make it much busier for Terry and crew but hopefully that will keep his mind off where his parents have gone for a couple of weeks.
This is a bittersweet time for us, it seems like such a long time to be gone from someone who has taken over our hearts in the last 7 1/2 months but yet so exciting to add addition to our household. Of course John and I had our usual get to the airport in a blizzard, but once we got all settled in and waiting for our flight, the tears flowed easily. I just had to put him quickly in his car seat and walk away quickly so he wouldn’t see mommy totally fall apart. John was fine until we sat down in Chili’s. We know this will be best for all involved, but I keep thinking I’m missing something when we go through the day…we have the most wonderful family taking care of them, Michael and our 2 papillons, and our first report was that Michael wasn’t quite missing us yet, thanks to all of you who are praying for him and us during this time I’ll write more once we get to Bishkek!!
Leaving in a snowstorm...

Puppies Loaded!
Kiss for Mommy:)
Bye, Bye Daddy!


Jackie said...

So glad to see this update and I hope the rest of your trip was uneventful.

I'm thinking of you all (furbabies included ;) Only a few hours to go...


Rachel said...

LOVE his little Kyrgyz outfit! I can't believe all of that snow...this is why I live in Florida.

Margaret & Tom said...

Oh Gen! I can't believe another snowstorm, wouldn't you know it! Michael looks adorable in his Kyrgyz hat and vest! I like the family of 3 pictures...can't wait to see you all soon as a family of 4! The Istanbul airport looks great, just the fact that there is a Starbucks there would make me feel at home :) Take care, be safe, can't wait to hear more news!