Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Life is Full!

So here it is Wednesday, the 26th and only 48 hours ago we got our daughter. It's amazing how fast she is starting to bond with us. She looks for us, recognizes our voices, and just loves being held. John calls it free taxi service. We are having no diaper issues this time, we switched right away to the enfamil and so far she is regular with no tummy troubles. I think it's because she was getting the nutrition she needed, she has nice fat thighs, little doll hands, and doesn't scream like crazy for her milk. We are so glad! We just can't get over how mobile she is still! She sleeps like an angel and lets us sleep through the night!(an 8 hour night that is) She drinks room temperature milk and babbles to us. She is going to be a talker, I can tell. She is also a little social butterfly just like her brother was, we are so happy! Of course we can't wait to get home. Our little dog Taz had a muscle problem and had to go to the vet, and Michael has a cough...but we are so blesses with having such good care for them while we are gone. I can't thank Terry and her family enough for this ministry to us:)
Today we had our usual am breakfast with other adoptive folks down in the basement of the Silk Road. I can't say it's been my favorite, and I am not Picky!! I'd have to say I enjoyed my time at the Asia Mountains Guesthouse better...the location is great so if you want location, this is the better choice for you future travellers. We took a picture of Isabella(Aiken) with her new family and parents Kevin & Ashley. They left for Almaty today.
Aiken and her new family
I also had to post a pic of the skins room at the 12 Chimneys. This is a great little tourist area in the mountains that has log cabin and little chimneys so you can eat outside in. We chose the inside option as it was rather cool that day.
Then we had our social calendar and met with friends who now live here from Minnesota. It becomes a small world when you travel, Tim grew up where we used to live in Fairbanks, Alaska and Barbie is the sister of a dear friend and knows some really good friends of ours at our home church. It was such a blessing to have lunch with them:) Phoebe enjoyed them too! Later in the evening with met with another family who are friends of ours from church. They all got to meet our second child and are thinking of adopting a child from here also. Of course we highly recommended it.
12 Chimneys Animal Skin Room
Me & Mr Tim
Me & Mrs Barbie

Now of course I had to post some pics of Phoebe. She is modeling some of my stash from the ZUM shopping spree, and I am going back tomorrow, oh well!
We leave for Almaty tomorrow afternoon so I probably won't post again until we are settled in, we have to leave in the afternoon at 4 pm so won't be getting in until late, oh well...
I can roll my tongue!
I love my new hat!


Rachel said...

LOVE the hat!!

Hilary Marquis said...

Oh she is going to be a little ball of energy...she has that gleam in her eyes! She's going to give Michael a run for his money and she will probably never let him get a word in edgewise once she starts talking :) LOVE the hat!

Margaret & Tom said...

Gen, Wow the skins room looks really neat, we are going to have to get directions to the mountains and that restaurant so we can go there! I love Phoebe's new hat, she looks wonderfully happy, I am so glad she is doing so well bonding, she is just sooo cute! How awesome that you have met up with friends while you are there, it is such a small world!

Roxanne said...

Thanks for the updates, I have enjoyed the pictures and narratives. It took me a few days to figure out that I had to actually do a little bit of "work" to see the new posts! I was wondering why I you were not posting anything since your Gotcha day when suddenly I had a "DUH" moment and had to catch up on all of your posts and pictures!! :>
I am praying for you all--have a great trip to Almaty!!

L&T said...

Praise the Lord, John and Gen!
I can hear the excitement and joy in your posts! And sweet Phoebe is so beautiful, and looks so happy!!! God bless you guys! And I'd love to meet you all this spring sometime!
Love, Lisa (from Saint Cloud)

Jackie said...

As usual, loving the pics. It's so great that you are able to connect with friends and get out and see some sights.

I'm sending get well thoughts to Taz & Michael.

Keep the updates coming and safe travels to Almaty!

Jackie & Noli x

Jamie said...

She is such a happy girl! What a smile. Love the hat...she is so cute in it. Pretty crazy you have that many people you know in Bishkek...what a small world!