Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Family Foto FUN!!

My car got loaded suddenly!
Lolo and Phoebe
Don't like rice cereal part 1
Being a Grandma is a joy!
Rebecca, my sis, and P
It's actually warm out!
At Nickelodean Indoor Theme Park MOA
Are you sure this ride won't make me sick?
Phoebe and her Lola
Happy 3rd Birthday Alex!!
So, it's been a busy week with family here and birthday celebrations and taxes, and still being sick, can you believe it? This Tokmok crud was hard to shake, John and I finally got rid of the hacking cough, and now poor Michael has it. Keeps him up at nite as well as me...poor baby, first missing his momma, then the canker sores, and now this croupy cough...we can't wait until we all get reasonably healthy again. It was nice to have my folks here to help hold these babies just while coordinating life and trying to get back to some sort of schedule...maybe in a few months? Oh well, enjoy these pics. We went to the mall one day as it was a cold rainy day...


Jackie said...

Loved seeing these pics. So sorry you are still dealing with sickness...enough already, right??!! Phoebe is really growing and looks like she is settling nicely.

What a busy week. Feel better, all of you!!

Margaret & Tom said...

Wow, Phoebe just has beautiful Rosy cheeks, so sweet! I was wondering if it was you or Michael who might get sick on the ride...I'm thinking it might have been you :) Glad you guys are feeling better. Guess the rice cereal wasn't a big hit, huh?

Joanne & Andy said...

I had that same nasty sickness when I came home from Bishkek. I unfortunately shared it with my mother-in-law and my mother! When you are sick and have jet-lag it is hard to do what needs to be done.

Scott, Kami, Miranda & Valentina said...

Looks like you had a good time with your mom and dad. I hope you are all feeling better soon. We enjoy seeing the kids and seeing how much Phoebe is changing since we were in Kyrgyzstan. How fun!! A hello and blessings to all :)

Scott, Kami, Miranda & Valentina said...

Hey Travel Buddies~
Happy 1 month Gotcha Day!! Can't believe that it has been a month already. It seems like yesterday that we were walking everywhere and eating chicken. :o)
Hope all is well with your family
The Hallaway's

I forgot that this was apart of my message to you all. Must be jet lag yet--oh no--it is mom of 2 teens!!HA

eastandwest said...

What a beautiful family you have! I have enjoyed following your journey.

part of your CWA family