Friday, April 11, 2008

Life with 2 and one being sick!

Feeding time!!
Okay, just when I thought I was getting it down pretty well, both napping staggered so I could get them bathed at different times, fed at the same time(kind of but just for the picture), my poor M gets the coxsackie A virus(remember those canker sores you used to get) and has not slept nor ate very much for the last 2 days!!! Ouch!!! I knew something was up, he wasn't sleeping his usual 11-12 hours, and everytime he ate or wanted his bottle he just lost it!!! (What a great time to wean him off his bottle though, we didn't before because we knew we would be leaving for Phoebe) The big hint was giving him some oranges which he just loves(wrong, wrong thing to give a person with canker sores) and he wailed and I saw those nasty little white bumps in his mouth:( Poor baby. He might be teething & getting his first year molars also, we can only hope.
The great thing about having a doctor daddy was he got some medicine to help him, of course, he wouldn't just believe me but was able to see with a flashlight when our poor baby was wailing the white bumps on his tonsils-double ouch!!! The bad news is he said 5-7 days. Don't know if I can handle the lack of sleep, of course I am still jetlagged, getting up at 330 am, but I think my sleep deprivation will cure it.
on my walker!
I can go zoom, zooom!!
M showing Phoebe the ropes...
Happy in my corner!
So, being a mommy of 2 has not been the most pleasant experience thus far. Especially when one feels really nasty and the other needs your attention because she is so new. I have had help, yeah(from Kathy, Ruth, and Deb), meals coming our way(, and my parents arrive on Monday, whew!! What a blessing it is however to have a baby who is pretty independent, and very advanced for her age. We are hoping that Phoebe was the carrier so we don't need to repeat this next week, but God has provided for that just in case:)
Crawling at home...
Kathy & Phoebe


Hilary Marquis said...

Oh Gen, what an introduction to being a mom of multiple kids! I feel your pain, I've done it with three! Hand Foot and Mouth stinks. Hang in there! We'll be praying for a speedy recovery for all of you and that they'll at least let you sleep at night. Even when they are sick they are adorable ;)

Rachel said...

UGh, that is awful! I am so sorry Gen! I can imagine it would be difficult with one sick and them both being so close in age. You are handling it like a champ, trust me! Give it another week or two and you will have it down. I just got the hang of two about a week ago.

Caryn said...

Hi Gen!
Praise God that your new family of 4 is home! I like reading all the updates on your blog. Keep 'em coming!

Mom to 2 Angels said...

Poor little guy! That is no fun. I had that myself about 3 years ago and I was miserable. I ate only jello for at least a few days. Hope he feels better soon and no one else gets it.

Johnda said...

I'm glad to see your happy babies together..I feel sorry for M. I hope he is feeling better. I wanted to ask you about your timeline in Kaz? We have our SOS clinic on long did it take you to get your results and then your appt w/ the embassy how long did it take to get your visa's. The reason I'm asking as you know we need to be home by Saturday. And noticed your dates on your blog...Can you help me out?? I really appreicate it..We are just READY to come home!!!
Like you said it's hard staying here w/ your baby we all just want to go home!


you can email me

Brand New Mama said...

Hey Gen! So sorry M is not feeling well. It is so sad to watch, I know. I loved following you guys throughout your journey as well. (And the Hallaways!) How is Galia?
P is adorable BTW. She reminds me so much of JJ when we brought him home with that bald head and tiny physique! They grow so fast! We haven't decided if we are going to the reunion this year or not. I'm pushing for it!