Saturday, April 5, 2008

Life at home and Jetlag

Okay, day 2, I crashed at 330 pm after a morning of grocery shopping and going to Costco. We have hardly any food in the house and I didn't have much to make supper quickly so we divided and conquered. I took the lightweight girl shopping with me, M had Daddy time and John was wonderful enough to let me sleep and try to get rid of my cold. Poor baby, now he has the Tokmok crud:( I just woke up at 830 pm to put my Michael to bed and relieved John of his shift duties...I'm going to put up a few picks of our babies, add the photos to the Home Sweet Home post, wake up Phoebes and hopefully we can go down for the night...
Phoebe & her Big "sister" cousin
Bath Beauties, M loves it, P screams through the whole thing!
I know I'm supposed to fit in 3-6 months but it's still a little big!
Waiting for my photo shoot I'm going to race my big brother!
Tazzie loves Phoebe, she's not so sure!
Michael forgave me, it's wonderful. We went to dinner with our Stahl family last night and he went to Mommy without a fuss!! Yeah!!!


Jackie said...

The pics are fabulous!!! Phoebe's expression in the 'don't tell me what to do' is too funny.

Hope you all had a restful night :)

Margaret & Tom said...

Phoebe is one happy camper! I can't believe how big the 3-6 mos. clothes are on her, I thought she looked lots bigger than Milana when we were there! I guess I better take the 0-3 mos for Milana when we pick up for sure then! :)She may be little but she looks like she has lots of PERSONALITY! I am glad Michael is wanting his mommy again and not mad, that didn't take long I see! Hope you all feel better, that Tokmok crud sounds bad, hopefully his is a mild case, at least with my husband sometimes it is worse when he is sick then me :) Get some rest, hugs, Margaret

Jamie said...

Love the pics...she has so much personality. What a cutie. It is so good to see the two of them together. I am glad you are getting all settled in, and Michael is forgiving you so quickly :) Get plenty of rest, hope you are all over jetlag and the crud real soon!

Lisa B and Family said...

I can not get over how amazing she is! It is easy to see how full of life and spirit she is!
It truely warms my heart to see the two of your babies together.
God is great, and He has blessed you ALL abundantly! Enjoy!

Lori said...

Your children are both beautiful! We are so excited at the thought of bringing our own little girl home--I'd love it if she looked just like Phoebe, who is JUST beautiful!

I so love reading about your happiness!

Rachel said...

Did I not leave a comment on this one?? How can such a little thing have SOOO much personality?! She is BEYOND adorable...I love the pictures of she and Michael together.