Tuesday, April 1, 2008

We're not in Kansas anymore!

on the road again..

So we(Chip Reid, John, Phoebe and I) took a mile and 1/2 walk to the Green Bazaar. We met the Halloways there and had lunch with them at their hotel. It is a beautiful day, and great to get out of the hotel. There is heightened security here because of the Olympic torch run going through on Wednesday. There are Chinese dignitaries here as well as olympic athletes. A guard is on every floor watching our every move. Have we not our embassy appt that day, we would be more able to enjoy it. However, we just want to go, get the visa, and hightail it out of here!! We miss our family a ton. This is definitely a very long time to stay here, we feel like we have been waiting around doing nothing. We all feel rather confined, even though we get out and walk places during the day. Every afternoon we just say one more day. Glad that we have the internet to keep in touch and a nice workout area. We've read our books. It would be nice if were actually doing something to do with the adoption but it has been waiting for time to pass in a foreign, hard to breath in city, where we feel like we are not very well liked. I also have the Tokmok crud which I got from kissing my Phoebe. Every germ was worth it. Although I have a very runny nose and bad cough, John isn't sick this time around.
entrance to the bazaar
dried fruit anyone?
wonderful selection of veggies
colorful produce
Where's the beef?
Fresh pork.
Window shopping
Olympics 2008
We love having this petite little girl in our family and she is well worth our efforts in getting her. She is sooooo feisty and I think she will be one of those who will push the limit on everything. She knows feeding time, she hates being restrained and arches her back like crazy, and loves to babble. We only got a few giggles from her, John says she's a little too young to have a belly laugh like our Mikey. I'm going to be chasing those 2 around for sure!!

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Margaret & Tom said...

Hi guys! The pictures are amazing. The dried and fresh fruit look soo good, I'm not so sure about the Pork though, a little too fresh perhaps for my taste :) Only one more day yeah!!