Friday, April 4, 2008


We are happy to say that all went well and we arrived home safely at 330 pm CST!!! We were able to get the baby bassinet both legs of our journey, even though KLM couldn't tell us that for some reason, but it was great!! I'll be posting pictures later on today(hopefully-guess who's camera battery died again)so check later for updates to this post:)They're here:)

I'm up at 3 am CST because my little boy woke screaming at about 1245 am and proceeded to wake up Phoebe who decided she wanted to stay up for a bit. John got up and gave her a bottle, I comforted Mikey who went back to sleep, and then brought Phoebe downstairs. The boys are snoozing:) at the right time schedule. I was able to get her to go back to sleep in the bassinet downstairs and proceeded to get on the computer. Now I'm the only one up...

Anyway, we sat next to a Kazakhstan adoptive family and they were bringing home Lincoln who is 11 1/2 months. They were in Kazakhstan 62 days!!! Yikes!!! Although they did say the region they were in was much cheaper and better to breath in than Almaty. The poor little guy developed the "runs" 3 times they ran to the bathroom as it was coming out his pants, onto his legs, onto their clothes, it was tough going for them....they were running out of clean clothes, diapers, and still had an 8 hour flight left to Boston after a 7 hour layover in Amsterdam. Phoebe was great, her bowels are the peanut butter consistency, the healthy formula kind!!! We loved the enfamil formula, it set our kids right!! The great thing is that Amsterdam Schipshol airport has a wonderful Baby Lounge!! It's free and one of the formula companies sponsored it. It had these wonderful circular cubbies that had curtains around them, soft lighting, and a baby crib to boot!! It was really comfortable and nonsmoky, and Phoebe got to play and roll around & crawl in the safe crib while I had a Big Mac and John had a cappaccino. It was really comforting to us. The other family was also able to regroup, clean up their mess, and found diapers for sale at the drugstore!! Love the Dutch people. I'll have to say that they were the most gracious about our babies, there had to be 8 babies on that flight and not once did they put up a fuss for us, they loved our children and were sooo willing to help. It is huge contrast to Northwest airlines where we felt very unwelcome and a bother to the flight attendants. Sorry Jo, we know you are not that way but unfortunately the coworkers we ran into were...we were appalled and saddened by their unfriendliness!
KLM Bassinet
Dutch Flight Attendant
Amsterdam Baby Lounge Crib
Relaxing in the baby lounge
NWA Bassinet, a cardboard box!
Are we there yet?
We cleared US customs without a hitch, with a bit of a mystery. The official there told us that Phoebe was a new American citizen, which we understood was not the case because we only did one trip, and certainly Michael was not upon landing. However, we weren't going to argue so we'll see what happens in the next 6 weeks! Hopefully they changed the law in 2008?
We said goodbye to our travelling buddies the Hallaways, and hugged them all goodbye... made me sad... but then we were pleasantly surprised by a waiting friend, Tim, dad of Anara from Hilary's Blog! Tim does work based in Mpls and he was flying home, it was sooo wonderful to see him and we were sooo greatful! Phoebe had to greet him with a Hello and I need to touch your face:) He got to fly home with the Hallaways:)
My sister and 3 of her kids picked us up at the airport, they were so cute, the youngest daugther Emma said, I get to be a big sister!! And her older sister of course corrected her with "we get to be Big Cousins" It was sooo sweet. They loved our little Peanut and kept staring at her. They drove us to the Honda dealer where we picked up our new van, what a fun deal!
Oooh, Aaaah!
We got home to a quiet, clean, home complete with flood free basement(we were worried because they got 5-6 inches of snow on Monday and it melted within 24 hours-our water table is really high and we are built in clay soil)!!! Thanks to Melany our housesitter who took care of it for us!! A crockpot meal was cooking and good welcome home notes!! The Stahl's called while I was in the shower and said they were at the Dundas Exit(1 1/2 away from home)- I flew out of the shower to go greet my little boy and pups!! I had tears running down my eyes as I went to hug him-reaction was one I was prepared for, he looked at Terry and started to fuss. John came and he smiled a big smile for his Daddy!!! It was so wonderful. The dogs were happy clams. Michael is a little mad at me for leaving him for so long, do I blame him? But it still hurts a little. He warmed up to me during our shared meal. When it came time to leave, he fussed a little at Terry leaving but stayed within my arms and I kissed him into a big smile. He went to bed without a fuss and I went to bed with him at 8 pm.

Brother and Sister!

First Family photo minus furbabies
So now I'm up doing our Kyrgyzstan registration thing-copying the needed documents while I write! All done, just need to pop it in the post today. I am so thankful to God for the gift of our baby girl Phoebe, taking care of our son during our time away, all of our friends who prayed for us and read our blog during our travels, it meant so much to us!! Thanks again to our wonderful agency who took care of us in country, getting our daughter to us in 4 1/2 months from time of referral, that is simply amazing, you guys are the best!!! We will miss our travelling friends, it is such a great experience to go in a group!
Getting to know you...

I'll keep posting on the at home antics of having 2 under 2!! It's going to be crazy for awhile.
Don't tell me what to do:)


Jackie said...

Good morning and welcome HOME!!! I'm so glad to hear your trip home went so well. Yayy!! What wonderful greetings you received throughout. I am sure you are so so HAPPY to be home sweet home as a family of 4 plus 2 furbabies.

Congratulations :) x

Rachel said...

Welcome home!! You will love your new Odyssey (I'm assuming that's what you have). It is THE BEST!!

Carmi said...

Glad to see you all made it home safely and now your whole family is together! Have fun!

Mom to 2 Angels said...

Welcome Home! It sounds like the last leg of your journey went as smooth as anyone could hope for. Jet lag is rough. Hope you get rested. 2 under 2! You go girl!

Margaret & Tom said...

Welcome home! Hopefully you are sleeping as I write this post! Sounds like a great homecoming for the new family of 4, but my goodness you have been busy already! Going right to get the new van, how fun! I am glad you are home safe, can't wait to hear more about your trip!

Margaret & Tom said...

Welcome home! Hopefully you are sleeping as I write this post! Sounds like a great homecoming for the new family of 4, but my goodness you have been busy already! Going right to get the new van, how fun! I am glad you are home safe, can't wait to hear more about your trip!

janiece said...

Welcome home!! You and Ted arrived at your respective homes at the same time--now isn't that funny??? I'm going to staart doing the copying tomorrow. Today is just regrouping. I LOVE LOVE LOVE all of your pictures!

Hilary Marquis said...

First of all welcome home! Second I am INSANELY jealous that my husband got to meet you at the airport! My perfect plans for meeting you guys or the Pritchard's got blown to bits with Tim's work trip :(

When we brought our second child home from the hospital Tyler was fine with his new baby brother...but, he was mad at me for having left him. He snubbed me for days! I finally got him to come sit with my by bribing him with popcorn. It broke my heart, but it didn't last long. I guess it just proves birth/adoption are very similar!

Jamie said...

Welcome home! I had to catch up on your posts...we went to Myrtle Beach for spring break. Sooo glad you are back and finally all together. Thanks for all the great posts and awesome pictures. Any plans to picnic in July?

Hilary Marquis said...

You can tell if Pheobe is a US citizen or not just by looking at her passport. If the visa is says IR3 on it, she is not a citizen, but if it says IR4, then she is. The difference is basically that you have to physically see the child prior to the adoption proceedings in Kyrgyzstan in order to get the IR4 visa status.

It was great to see you at the airport, and we'll have to bring Anara up to see you some time.

Tim Marquis

Maria said...

So glad you made it home. Loved the comment, "Don't tell me what to do." HAHA -- like I would have a CLUE. I think you're either insanely brave or ... well, going to have the time of your life. :-) Can't wait to find out which it is, but I know it will be lots of fun! Love the photos!!

Margaret & Tom said...

Hey Gen! I just saw those pics popped up! The KLM bassinet looks nice as does the baby lounge in Istanbul (do you have to pay extra for that?...may be worth it..) The NWA bassinet does look like a cardboard box like the kind cases of bananas come in, very interesting! Take care, I will write to you more when I am sure your starting to get settled in and over the jet-lag! :)